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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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Thayersfarm's Historian web The Historian web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2021 by contributing authors =Chris Jones= [] =Chris Jones= [] Thayersfarm TWiki.Historian Historian Home.Historian WebStatistics Jul 2008 23532 0 0 1469 281 CarmarthenshireHistorianConversion 261 230 HistoryOfTheMynyddMawr 217 215 HistorianVol1 215 205 HistorianVol19 199 199 HistorianVol13 ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2018-11-09T16:07Z guest 1.689 updated major OrigMeet Main.ChrisJones 21 Sep 2014 Meet: (last changed by ChrisJones) 2014-09-21T10:09Z ChrisJones 1.1 updated major AChampionOfWomensRights A Champion of Women's Rights By E. Vernon Jones The presence of obstreperous antagonists might easily have turned a harmless situation into an ugly incident at Carmarthen ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2014-09-21T09:34Z ChrisJones 1.5 updated major BeforeItsForgottenVol15 Before It's Forgotten Workhouse Days Remembered (The following account of his early experience as Porter at Carmarthen Workhouse has been compiled from information ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2011-10-01T09:55Z ChrisJones 1.3 updated major TheEducationOfYoungLadiesOfDistinction The Education of Young Ladies of Distinction by A. B. RANDALL, B.SC.(ECON.), M.R.T.P.I. WEBPERMISSION A. B. Randall Private adventure schools in Carmarthen date back ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2009-04-08T21:29Z ChrisJones 1.4 updated major FingersOfForsakenStone Fingers of Forsaken Stone The Story of Glanbran By E. Vernon Jones For more than forty years the ruins of Glanbran have caught the eye of travellers between Llandovery ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2009-03-03T22:09Z ChrisJones 1.10 updated major FrancisGreen1853-1942 CARMARTHENSHIRE HISTORIANS 8 Francis Green, 1853-1942 Francis Green, genealogist and local historian, was born an eldest son on 15th December 1853 1 in St. Mary Street ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2008-05-07T14:54Z ChrisJones 1.3 updated major AnAncientStoryEndsInRuin An Ancient Story Ends In Ruin Among those houses that have long been landmarks to Carmarthenshire people, but now being menaced by the engines of demolition, is the ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2008-03-25T14:10Z ChrisJones 1.2 updated major EditorialVol5 Editorial To stand in the silent hall of a deserted country mansion and there contemplate the processes of ruin and decay that follow the flight of the last unwilling ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2008-03-25T14:04Z ChrisJones 1.3 updated major TheFootprintsOfAMasterCraftsman The Footprints of a Master Craftsman By E. Vernon Jones A document that has come to light after more than a century in the custody of his family is the diary of a ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2007-10-18T10:00Z ChrisJones 1.13 updated major GloGarregMemoriesOfTheAnthraciteCoalfield GLO CARREG Memories of the Anthracite Coalfield by The Rt. Hon. JAMES GRIFFITHS, C.H., M.P. Minister of National Insurance 1945-50, Secretary of State for the Colonies ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2007-05-30T08:51Z ChrisJones 1.7 updated major PentwynAcademy Pentwyn Academy By GWILYM EVANS, M.SC., Aberystwyth PENTWYN farm lies in the parish of Llannon in south-east Dyfed near the boundary of Llanedy parish, and overlooks ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2007-04-15T22:54Z ChrisJones 1.5 updated major ABishopWhoWorkedInChaos A Bishop Who Worked In Chaos By E. VERNON JONES A classical historian of high repute who was buried in Westminster Abbey after serving half a life-time as Bishop ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2006-12-24T14:17Z ChrisJones 1.4 updated major DepartedGloriesOfTheGreyFriars Departed Glories of the Grey Friars By Major Francis Jones, C.V.O., T.D., F.S.A. In this paper I shall discuss a manuscript compiled over four hundred and fifty years ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2006-12-06T22:45Z ChrisJones 1.3 updated major AHomeIsAHouseIsRuin A Home is a House is a Ruin Pictured here is Coalbrook House, Pontyberem, a building dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, with some later alterations. At one ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2006-12-05T20:43Z ChrisJones 1.7 updated major CarmarthenshireHistorianConversion Project Summary The aim of this project is to make The Carmarthenshire Historian : Searchable. Widely available (free of charge). Extendable a living, breathing ... (last changed by ChrisJones) 2006-11-19T09:52Z ChrisJones 1.31 updated major
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