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The Watchers Watched

The following is part of the Police Defaulters Book for the Borough of Carmarthen in respect of the period 20 June 1848 to March 1881,(Carmarthen CRO. Museum 119A).

Date Names Misconduct Decision of Watch Committee
June 20 Frederick Rees Intoxication and absent from his Duty Reprimanded and Cautioned
July 4 P.C. Thos Burch Using disrespectful language to P.S. Davies Fined 4/-
Oct. 1 P.C. Richard Martin Being in the Crecelly Public House during hours of Duty Fined 2/6
Oct. 3 P.C. Thos. Burnhill Absent from his Beat and found in Bed at 12:30a.m Fined 5/-
Oct. 16 P.C. Henry James Drunk and unfit for duty Fined 2/6
Jan. 24 P.C. Richard Martin Neglecting to report Information Fined 2/6
March 4 P.C. Henry James Not reporting a disturbance that occurred on his Beat Fined 2/6
May 24 P.C. Richard Martin Not reporting a Fire that occurred in Spilman St.,on the 24 inst. Fined 5/-
July 20 P.C. Henry James Appearing on the duty not shaved Fined 1/-
29 May Thomas Phillips Calling his Seargeant a Liar Fined 2/6
7 Jan. William Jones Disobeying orders at an inquest. Fined 2/-
6 Aug. Henry Evans Gossiping when on duty Fined 1/-
19 Sept. Thomas Buckley Sleeping while on Duty Fined 4/-
28 Dec. Nicholas Martin Found at Breakfast at 10.25a.m. Fined 2/-
20 Feb. William Woozeley Not reporting a Fire at Mr. Bagnall's in the Guildhall Square Fined 2/-
24 March Nicholas Martin Found in a Spirit Shop Fined 4/-
21 June David Morgans Neglecting to Serve an Order of Affiliation Fined 4/-
20 Sept. Nicholas Martin Disobeying Orders given by the Mayor Fined 2/-
23 Nov. Thomas Buckley Intoxication and using threatening language to P.C. Woozley when on duty Fined 1-0-0
26 Feb. Nicholas Martin Not coming out of Mr. Morgan's Spirit Shop and not giving a satisfactory account Fined 4/-
29 July Henry James Neglect of duty by not taking Henry Lloyd into custody for the threatening the life of wife Fined 4/-
12 Aug. Thomas Buckley Being present when Mr. Lewis, the Market Collector was collecting Tolls, contrary to order. Fined 5/-
Nov. John Davies Found sitting down in a doorway Fined 4/-
11 Feb. Henry James Neglecting to Quell a Disturbance at Evan FIned 4/-
21 Feb. Nicholas Martin Neglecting taking into custody a cripple who was begging by the Monument Fined 4/-
26 May John Davies Intoxication and allowing a Prisoner to escape from Custody Discharged by the Watch Committee
18 July P.C. David Williams Neglecting to deliver Circulars Fined 5/-
5 Oct. Sergt. Richard Lewis Neglect of Duty in not summoning a Jury Fined 10/-
13 Nov. William Woozley Having taken 3 hours and a to perform six miles, when on duty Fined 2/6
21 Nov. David James Using bad language towards Mr. Evans of Jackson's Lane Fined 10/-
21 Sept. John Edwards Not reporting a robbery in Picton Place Fined 2/-
26 Nov. John Thomas Being under the influence of Liquor and attempting to assault his wife in the presence of the Police Fined 10/-
19 Feb. Nicholas Martin Not ascertaining the Names of Parties ringing at Mr. "David Lewes" Nott Square door on the 4th inst., Fined 2/6
11 April John Thomas Drinking in a spirit shop on the night of 2nd - absence of his beat 45 minutes - and using bad language before his Sergt. and the night constables. Suspended on the 3rd and on the 11th April discharged by the Watch Committee
12 May David Jones Divulging part of the night Report of the 7th inst., Fined 5/-
29 July Thomas Evans Drunkenness when on duty and found asleep in Mr. Williams alley Lammas Street Fined 10/-
Sept. 16 Sergt. John Beynon Being late for Drill. Fined 2/-
13 Jan. Thomas Evans Exceeding his duty by assaulting Stable boy at the Old Plough, Lammas St. Fined 5/-
20 Jan. Daniel Griffiths Quarrelling with P.C. Powell and threatening to assault him with his truncheon Fined 10/-
1 Oct. David Thomas Found asleep in a Privy on the 31st ultimo when on duty. Fined 2/6
19 July John Davies Not being in time to fall in Procession at the Judges Lodgings. Fined 1/-
August 7 Daniel Griffiths Malice against Charles James, Mason and when in Uniform and other misconduct Dimissed by the Watch Committee on the 7th inst.,
2 July William Jones Being absent from duty during the Eisteddfod, and no doubt in a state of intoxication Fined 10/-
10 July David James Not saluting the Judge as directed Fined 1/-
24 July Sergt. Beynon Being party tampering with a complaint, causing him not to appear before the Bench Fined 15/-
25 Sept. Thomas Evans, No. 6 Not removing a cart where an obstruction on Saturday last, letting it remain so for an hour. Fined 2/6
27 Nov. David Griffiths Allowing children to be in the Hall during the Petty Sessions Fined 1/-
18 Dec. William Jones 2 Being an hour visiting the Public House on Saturday last and remaining in the Gloster Arms where they were Raffling for a Watch Fined 5/-
13 May Samuel David Neglect of duty by not being outside of Hall when told to keep the children from the Windows Fined 1/-
Dec. 3 David Griffiths Not going round Johnstown beat on Saturday 26 inst. Fined 2/6
Dec. 23 David Griffiths Not keeping children and women out of court during Petty Sessions 23 inst., Fined 2/-
20 Jan. David Griffiths For being absent from the pavement between the rails and Bagnalls Shop on the 10 inst. Fined 2/-
24 Feb. Thomas Jones Not reporting Miss Mathias' gate in St. Peter's Street was carried away Fined 2/-
7 April Sergt. David Williams Being seen going into Mr. Bright's Spirit Shop in company with P.C. Colegate and two females on Saturday the 18 March. Fined 20/-
7 April P.C. James Colegate Brought before the Watch Committee and allowed to resign the same charge as Sergt. David Williams. Allowed to resign
24 Aug. David Lewis, No. 2 Being found asleep in a doorway in Guildhall Square 1.45a.m. 23rd inst. Fined 2/6
23 Sept. David Morris 5 Disputing in the Street Fined 1/-
5 Jany. Sergt. Williams Being under the influence of Liquor and not being with his squad on duty at the Assembly Rooms at the Race Ball Fined 5/-
5 Jany. William Jones P.C. 3 Being under the influence of Liquor and not being able to be at the Assembly Rooms on the night of the Race Ball Fined 5/-
5 Jany. John Harris P.C. 7 Not being at muster at 9o.c. to go on duty at the Assembly Rooms at the Race Ball. Fined 2/-

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