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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 National Library of Wales Journal 1981 (Summer): The Families of Blaiddbwll.
2 Morgan Thomas and indeed his son also took up the career of attorney in London. He was not without success in this profession, most notably acting for John Vaughan of Golden Grove in his attempts to clear the massive debts in his estates by means of breaking settlements and selling trust lands. The personal ambitions of Morgan in building up an estate for himself in Carmarthenshire are, however, quite evident in his dealings with Vaughan. (See "Vaughans of Golden Grove IV" by Major F. Jones, Trans. Hon. Soc. Cymmrodorion, 1966, Part I).
3 Memories of his childhood in Carmarthenshire are published in The Carmarthenshire Historian, Vol. XIII, pp. 3-17.
4 Gelliwernen was the scene of dramatic events during the Rebecca Riots of 1843. Rhys Goring Thomas was lay-impropriator of the parish tithes and his agent, a Mr. Edwards, in charge of the actual tithe collection was residing in the house at the time. On 1st August a mob arrived at the house, after breaking down the Llannon tollgate, and smashed in all the windows. Later in the month they returned, some 700 strong, this time with guns, and proceeded to fire at random at the house, breaking many windows. Poor Mr. Edwards was at the time upstairs ill in bed and in some considerable danger of being killed. After his daughter had bravely persuaded them to desist, they proceeded round to the garden, uprooted the apple trees and smashed the green-houses (see "Rebecca and her daughters", H. Tobit Evans, 1910).

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