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"This indenture makithe mencyon of all the stuffe of the Grey Freeris of Karmardein receyveid by the Lorde Visitor, under the Lorde Prevey Seale for the Kingis Grace, and delyvereid to my Lorde William, Bischop of Seinthe Daveis, and Thomas Prichar, vecar of Karmarden, to se and order to the Kingis use with the howse and all the appartenaunce till the Kingis plesure he further knoweing, and Mr. Meyer to have ye oversithe of the same.

Item, a sute of white silke, with golden vestis.
a sute of blacke welvit purpulleid with the apostelles on the backe.
a sute of redde welvit with redde offeras with floweris.
a sute of redde brancheid welvit.
a sute of white brancheid damaske with redde offeras.
a sute of red saye.
a sute of silke, wanting an albe.
ii olld tunakilles.
x ollde chesabullis.
iii alterclotheis, to hange before ye alter.
ii alterclotheis with fontletis.
vii alterclotheis for Lent.
a sorte of small clotheis to cover ymagis with.
a clothe for the sepulcre, with a fringe.
a paule of clothe of tussey, for the Eric of Richemunte's tumbe.
ii olld white copis.
a white cope, with floweris and redde offeras.
a black cope of olld brancheid velvit, with redde offeras.
a cope of redde brancheid velvit, with good offeras.
an olld blacke cope of brancheid velvit.
a cope of redde brancheid velvit, with good offeras.
a cope of grene velvit, with floweris.
a cope of redde velvit, with floweris and good offeras.
a litill rochet withowt sleveis.
iii olld sirples.
an autherclothe of diaper, and ii towellis.
iii olld pelowys and ii olld pelowberis.
ii pore cobs for owre Lady.
ii olld cuscheynis.
ii banner clotheis for ii banneris.
iii corporas, with iii corporas cases.
ii good chestis, and a broken chest.
a wine bottil, and iii cruetis of tinne.
a tabill of Mary Magdaleyne.

ii olld auterclotheis.
ii small candelstickis.
a crosse copper, with a staffe.
ii masse bokis.
a sacry bell.
iiii gret candelstickis.
an holiwater stopper.
iiii small lecterne clotheis nowth.
ii gret candelstickis, timber.
a lecterne of iron.
a goodly peyer of orgaynis.
a blacke herse clothe, buckram.
a goodly tumbe of Sir Ryse ap Thomas, with a grate of yron abowthe him.
a stremer banner of his armys with his cote armor and helmit.
a pore vestment.
a litill hanging lampe.

v tabillys of alabaster.
ii sacry bellis.
a frame of iron thorow all the chirche, before the auterys for taberys.

a clocke, & ii bellys.

a fetherbede, with a bolster.
a peyer of blankitis.
a payer of schetis.
a covering.
a cownter with on leefe, with an olde carpit on yt.
a cubborde, & an olld chayer, & a litill forme.
a cofer, & in yt no thing but olld queyeris.
ii candlestickis, longing to ye quere.
a candlesticke for the chamber.

a fetherbede, with a bolster.
a peyer of schetis, & a coverlete.

a fetherbede, with a bolster.
a peyer of schetis, & a coverlete.
a litill tabill, & a cheyer.
ii stolis & a forme.
an olld cofer.
an olld cubborde.

a gret range of iron, to make in fyer.
ii brasse pottis.
a brasse panne.
iiii plateris, pewter.
iii potingeris.
a gret chayer & ii sawcerys.
a musterd querne.

a gret brasse pan in a furnas.
a masthin fatt, & an oter olld fatte.
a syve to dense ale in.

ii tabillis & ii formis with ii peyer of trossellis.
mattis at the halle ende.
a gret chayer of timber.

iii tabill clotheis & iii towellis.
a bason & ewer of pewter, and a woyder.
a pottell pot, pewter.
a sallt sallar of pewter.
an olld cofer.
a tabill to lay on brede.

Md. yt beside yis stuffe within the convent receyveid ther ys receyveid yt was abrode, in brasse iii pannys & on pott brasse. Also receyveid yt was lent forthe in to ye castell, on singeill vestment & ii alterclotheis, beside yt receyveid yt was in ye towne, on cofer.

Above all yis styffe, ye Visitor hathe in his handis to the Kingis use, a goodly crosse with Mary & John, weing with ye iron in it, vxx unc & viii unc, beside ye handell yt ys moche parte iron, the which was in plege. Also ii chales, all gilt, of the which the best laye in plege, bothe weing iiixx unc. Item a bason & an ewar, weing liii unc, ye which lay in plege, for the which ye Visitor payed vii.

Item, iii cruetis, a paxe, a patent of a chales, oter pesis of a crosse xlii unc.

Item, a pixte, with a cristall all gillte, weing beside the cristall, xxvii unc.

And yt ys to be rememberyd yt where the crosse laye in plege for xxti & a basen & an ewar with ye best chales for xiiii li, the saide xiiii ii ys satisfeid with ye same bason and ewar & other plate of ye howseis beside yis here expresseid, and ye best chales saveid, as before ys wretin. And for ye xx li paying, for ye which ye crosse was in plege, x li of yt ys payde with other plate receyvid in ye convent & out of the towne by the Visitor : the other x li with the clayme of xx markis for the tabill of the hei alter, and all other dettys, bachelar Traherne, lately Warden, schall discharge, and he to receyve all dettis to ye convent before yis day coming, & schall invoy all plegis, and other corne or chese, & the goodis of Thomas Tilar, paing his dettys ; and so the convent to be sett clere of all dettys, and the Warden to be dischargid of all claymys yt might be made by him of the convent, or eny other having the convent, as by a bill under ye Visitores hand indentyd, yt dothe apere. And where as Mr. Chanscelar saithe yt his dore was broken up in ye Freeris, & certeyne stuffe taken owt, by whom yt can not be knowen, the Visitor hathe left a cope of ye vestre for the seide Chanscelar, sumwath to satisfey him, so yt he will be content.

Alos, the Vistitor hathe yt he had owt of the towne, vi copis & hathe allowied for a freer yt lithe seke all ye corne in ye convent, the chese, salt, woode, ye which was proveideid for their store, & vis viiid in money, and every freer xiid & their owne stuffe, & so departeid.

(signed) Willus Menev. Thomas Prichard. Martyn Davy.

(Copied from PRO, Chapter House Books, B 2/19, pp 99-103, by Ernest G. Atkinson of the PRO, and printed in Carmarthenshire Notes, vol I 1889. Llanelly 1889. ed A Mee).
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