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The Glorious Carmarthen Election

Behold the glorious day is come,
'Squire Jones is our Member;
The lovely rose in season's come,
It is July and not December:
And all that did against him stand,
Their names I'll not relate, sir;-
He won the day through real fair play,
They rais'd him to the chair, sir.

The fifth day of July, sir,,
The like was never known, sir,
The nobility of counties three,
Came flocking to the Town, sir,
The Red and Blue they triumphant wore,
To celebrate our Member,
All windows lin'd with Ladies gay,
To magnify his honour.

When he ascended to his chair,
The town did roar like thunder,
St. Peter's Boys, with one assent,
Cried, "Jones is our Member."
His own footman before him rode,
In sailor's dress, indeed, sir,
A gay-drest may-pole in his hand,
Mounted on a warlike steed, sir.

Sir John Owen, I do declare,
A man of high renown, sir,
He down from London came with speed,
To grace Carmarthen Town, sir,
'Squire Morgan, of Quay-Street,
Did in his chariot ride, sir,
He stood between us and our foes,
And lower'd down their pride, sir.

There's Mr Lewes, of Llys-newydd,
And Lewis, of Llanayron,
Mr. Picton, of Iscoed,
And also Mr. Beynon,
Mr. Timmins, of King-Street,
He friendly play'd his part, sir,
He was so true unto his friend,
As Noah to the ark, sir,

Captain Mansel, of Iscoed,
A man of courage bold, sir,
He was so true unto his trust,
He would not he controul'd, sir,
Henry Lewis, of Quay-Street,
With heart and hand was willing,
Our true-bred Welshman to promote,
Likewise Lloyd Llewellyn.

Health and wealth to 'Squire Jones,
Likewise to our Sheriff Powell,
William Jones, of Spilman-Street,
And likewise Walter Howell,
There's Grismond Philipps, I do declare,
He did behave so loyal,
And Mrs. Philipps, of the Parade
Gave them a plain denial.

Robert Waters, of the Bank,
And likewise Edwards Davids,
Saunders, Glanrhwdw Fawr
And Captain Stephen Phillips,
All friends were loyal to the Town,
God bless them all together:-
It was his right for all their spite,
I hope he'll reign till death, sir.

Esquire Jones, of Ystrad-Lodge,
The truth I will declare, sir,
He was brought up within our walls,
Which makes us hold him dear, sir;
He is the third generation in this Town,
That I can well remember,
Makes me cry out with all my heart,
Brave Ystrad-Lodge for ever.

The time is come I wish'd to see,
And now I will retire;
I've seen the flower of all the land,
Enjoy our hearts' desire:-
He will lower down their pride,
He will right the poor,
Nor slight the meanest member;
I'm quite at ease, I'll sit and sing
From hence until September.

Composed in Dame-Street

J. Harris, Printer, Carmarthen.

This song was composed to celebrate the election of the Tory John Jones of Ystrad as Member of Parliament for Carmarthen Borough in 1821. He was elected in place of the previous member, the Hon. J. F. Campbell, who had been called to the Lords as Baron Cawdor. He was opposed by the Whig Sir William Paxton. The contest lasted for ten days and the final figures were 312 votes for Jones, 281 votes for Paxton. It was a Tory victory in a constituency that had been held by the Whigs for three quarters of a century.

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