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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 D. Long Price, Arch. Combrensis, Vol. X, pp. 163-187 (1878).
2 Giraldus Cambrensis (d. 1223) describes it "in a rough and sterile spot, surrounded by woods on every side and beyond measure inaccessible and sufficiently meanly endowed" (Speculum Ecclesiae, written between 1200 and 1223).
3 Bull. of Board of Celtic Studies (Oxford), Vol. 24, pp 518-526 (1972)
4 Bull. of Board of Celtic Studies (Oxford), Vol. 25. pp 185-188 (1973)
5 The authors wish to thank the present owners, Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, for kindly allowing them to examine the interior of the house in its present form.
6 F.S. Price, History of Talley and Talley Abbey, Swansea (1934).
7 For example, South Wales Evening Post, Swansea, 23rd December 1966.
8 For this and much other information from this period the authors are greatly indebted to Mr. D. Emrys Williams, Assistant Keeper of Manuscripts and Records, National Library of Wales.
9 Lord Clermont, History of the Family of Fortescue.
10 "Reminiscences of Froodvale Academy" by "An Old Student", Y Tyst a'r Dydd, January 4, 1884, translated by Mr. D. Emrys Williams.
11 Major Francis Jones, "Journal of a Young Lady of Fashion", Carmarthenshire Historian, Vol. XI, pp. 3-54 (1974) and Vol. XII, pp. 22-54 (1975).
12 S.W. Williams, Arch. Cambrensis, Vol. XIV, pp.228-247 (1897).
13 The family has a water-colour of him leading a troop of 4th Light Dragoons across the Saxon's Ford (near Danyrallt) in pursuit of Rebecca rioters (1843).
14 L.E. Theakston, Some Family Records and Pedigrees of the Lloyds.
15 Rhodri himself claimed descent, for sound political reasons, from the poet Llywarch Hen and Coel Hen (fl. 5th c.), founder of one of the two ruling dynasties of the Gwyr y Gogledd, the "Men of the North".

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