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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 The Itinerary through Wales, Giraldus Cambrensis.
2 He was editor of the Parish Magazine for the Deanery of St. Clears for a number of years at the turn of century, to which he contributed some notes on local history.
3 Op. cit.
4 Saint Clears: Past and Present, Gildas.
5 'An Essay on the history of St. Clears during the past 100 years', by Taf.
6 One story claimed that the motte had been erected so that a beacon could be placed on the top in order to guide shipping. But it could well have been put to such use in later centuries.
7 R.A.C.M.: Inventory for Carmarthenshire, 1911.
8 Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, 1948.
9 Journal of the Br. Arch. Assoc. vol xi 1948. Article by Rose Graham on "The Cluniac Priory of St. Martin-des-Champs, Paris and its dependent Priories in England and Wales".
10 Pat. Roll, Henry IV 1404.
11 Some remarks on the District we live in. Kenneth Watkins

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