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Poll Book for the 1722 Parliamentary Election1

The Local History Committee hope to publish in future issues of this magazine original manuscripts relating to Carmarthenshire. Here, printed for the first time, is a Poll Book for the election of the Member of Parliament for the county seat in April 1722.

The candidates were Edward Rice of Newton2 and Sir Nicholas Williams of Edwinsford.3 The election was held at Llandeilo on Thursday, 19 April and ended on Tuesday of the following week. The total votes cast numbered 1176, 592 for Rice and 584 for Williams.4 Sir Nicholas Williams repeatedly petitioned the House of Commons against this result, alleging malpractice on the part of the sheriff and his under-sheriff. He was finally successful on 18 December 1724, when the Committee of Privileges and Elections resolved that the name of Edward Rice be erased and that of Sir Nicholas Williams be substituted.5 He held the seat until his death in 1745.

This document records the names of voters, the parish in which they were domiciled, and the parish of their freehold qualification. These details are listed under the name of the candidate of their choice, the day on which they voted and at which session of the court. All but two of the voters are recorded as having sworn their oaths. The spelling of the various personal and place names has been retained and all abbreviations extended, except for the names of counties.


At the County Court held at the Hall of Llandilo Vawr in and for the aforesaid county on 19 April 1722 before the sheriff and the inspectors at the aforesaid court.


  • Sir Nicholas Williams, Baronet
  • Edward Rice, Esquire

For Sir Nicholas Williams, Baronet

Freeholders Names Parish of abode Freehold
Thursday, 1st Court    
Griffith Jones clerk6 Llanthowror Llanthowror
Evan Phillipp Llanwinio Llanwinio
James Bevans Llaugharne Llaugharne
Samuel Evans Meydrim Llanegwaed
Thomas Williams Meydrim Meydrim
Lewis Howell Llanwinio Llangining
George David Trelech Trelech
Griffith Llewelin Trelech Trelech
Thomas William Meydrim Meydrim
John Griffith Newchurch Newchurch
John Lewis Trelech Trelech
James Chitterburg Laugharne Laugharne
David Reynolds Laugharne Laugharne
Francis Merick7 Llannio. Pembs Abernant and Newchurch
George Thomas, clerk Henllanamgoed Llandissilio and Llangan
Thomas John Trelech Trelech
Thomas William Llanvihangell Abercowin Llanvihangell Abercowin
John Lewis Llanwinio Llanwinio
John Thomas Llanwinio Llanwinio
Thomas David Llanboydy Llanboydy
Phillipp Mathias8 Llandissilio Llandissilio
John Pember, clerk Haverfordwest Llangan
William Jones Trelech Trelech
William Beynon Llanwinio Llanwinio
Samuel Davies Trelech Trelech
Reynold Davies Llanvihangell Abercowin Meydrim
David Rees Llanvihangell Pembedw. Pembs Llangining
William Roger Llaugharne Llaugharne
William Howell Llaugharne Llaugharne
Thomas Seire9 Llansadurnan Llaugharne
John David Llaugharne Llaugharne

Thursday, 2nd Court    
John Parry, clerk Troedyr oer. Cards Llangeler
Griffith Evan Brongwyn. Cards Llangeler
Evan David Bettus. Cards Llanvihangell Yeroth
Lewis Parry, clerk Trodyroir. Cards Henllanamgoed
Richard Row, esq10 Castlemartyn. Pembs Llandawk
Thomas Phillipps Pemboyr Pemboyr
John Thomas, gent Co Bor Cann Llanvinith
Richard Lloyd, gent Carmarthen Llangadock
John David Pemboyr Pemboyr
Thomas Franklyn Langeler Langeler
John Griffith Conwill Conwill
John Dalton St Clears Kidwelly
William Griffith Llanthowror Llanthowror
Rowland Bateman Lowston. Pembs Llaugharne
Morgan John Carmarthen Abergwilly
Thomas Howells Llampiter. Pembs Meydrim
John Price Bangor. Cards Abergwilly
John Powell, esq11 Carmarthen Abergwilly
Phillipp Jones, esq Llanvihangell Yeroth Llanvihangell Yeroth
Rees Jones Llandilo Abercowin Llangunor
John Thomas12 Llanychair. Pembs Newchurch
John Argust Llanychair. Pembs Newchurch
David William Llannychair. Pembs Conwill
Evan John Henry's Moat (Pembs) Llandissilio
William Norman Devonshire Llannelly
Thomas John Llandissilio Llandissilio
Francis William Llannelly Llannelly
John Morgan Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Evan Price Llannelly Llannelly
David Hugh Clydde. Pembs Killrhedine
Thomas Walter Llannedy Llannedy
John David St. Clears St. Clears
William Lewis St. Clears St. Clears
Henry Robbyne Llandissilio Llandissilio
Thomas Morgan Llandevy. Pembs Llanvaltegg
Thomas Phillipp Maen Clochogg. Pembs Killrhedin
Thomas Rogers Dewchurch. Pembs Llandissilio
John Thomas Llandissilio Llandissilio
Evan Morris Llandissilio Llandissilio
John Willy Llampiter. Pembs Llanglidwen

Friday, 1st Court    
Edward Jones, esq Lanyna. Cards Llanvihangell Yeroth
Evan Price Langeler Llangeler
John Cobnen, clerk Carmarthen Town Llanvihangell Yeroth
William Lewis Llangeler Llangeler
Stephen. Lewis, esq Llannollmam. Pembs Llandissilio
David Roberts Llandissilio Llannon
Morgan Rice Llandissilio Llandissilio
John Gibbon Bletherston. Pembs Llandissilio
Reynold Morris Llandissilio Llandissilio
Evan Eynon Llandissilio Llandissilio
David Phillipp Nerbert (Pembs) St. Ishmael
Owen Eynon Llandissilio Llandissilio
Walter Popkins Llangunnock Llangunnock
Griffith Pruddero13 Egermont Egermont
Thomas Lewis Egermont Egermont
Owen Evan Killamanlloyd Killamanlloyd
Evan Lewis Llandewy. Pembs Llanboydy
Lewis Thomas Llampiter. Pembs Llandissilio
John Lewelin Bletherston. Pembs Killamanlloyd
Evan Lewelin Bletherston. Pembs Killamanlloyd
Thomas Evan St. Clears St. Clears
Lewis Bowen Llandissilio. Pembs. Llangan
John Pruddro14 Llanvaltegg Llanvaltegg
John David Llangludwen Llangludwen
Richard Lewis15 Llandewy. Pembs. Llanlooney
David Bowen Llangan Egermont
Thomas Henock Ambroth. Pembs. Laugharne
John Thomas Bletherston. Pembs Kennarth
James Edwards Carmarthen Abergwilly
Thomas Skirme, esq16 Llanhaden. Pembs Egermont
John Howell Abernant Abernant
John David Trelech Trelech
Rees David Llanboydy Llanboydy
Thomas John Llanwinio Llanwinio
Evan Lewelin Llanvihangell Yeroth Llanvihangell Yeroth
Robert Rees Meydrim Meydrim
James Phillipps, esq17 Tenby. Pembs Pembrey
Edward Dalton Llannelly Llannelly
John James Henllanamgoed. Pembs Llanboydy
Phillipp David Llanboydy Llanboydy
Howell William St. Clears Llanboydy
John Jones Killrhedin Killrhedin
Thomas David Trelech Trelech
Morris David Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogge
David John Llanwinio Llanwinio
Howell David, Killrhedin Killrhedin
Thomas James Killrhedin Killrhedin
David Rees Llanwinio Llanwinio
David John. David Trelech Trelech
John Howell Killamanlloyd Killamanlloyd
John Phillipps Llandissilio Llandissilio
Evan Phillipps Killamaenlloyd Killamanlloyd
Thomas Griffith Llandissilio Llandissilio
Lewis Pruddro Llanvaltegg Llanvaltegge
John Beadow Killamanlloyd Killamanlloyd
James Pruddro Llangludwen Llangludwen
Richard Nicholas St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
James Eynon Tenby. Pembs Trelech
James David Tenby. Pembs Trelech
Evan Thomas Rees Llannon Llannon
Badham Thomas Llanboydy Llanboydy
Mathew Morgan Llangevclach. Glam Llanedy
John Owen Llanboydy Llanboydy
William Thomas Meydrim Meydrim
John Harris, clerk Haverfordwest Trelech
William Phillipps, esq18 St Brides. Pembs. Meydrim
John Laugharne, esq19 Pontvane. Pembs Kiffick
William Laugharne20 Laugharne Llaugharne
Theophilus Morris Trelech Trelech
David Williams Llangunnock Llangunnock
Thomas John Trelech Trelech
Samuel Thomas Meydrim Meydrim
Morgan Thomas, Llanvihangell Abercowin Llannarthney
John Morris Llannelly Llannelly

Friday, 2nd Court In the Cart21  
Griffith Elliot, gent22 Tenby. Pembs Meydrim
Henry Jones St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
John David Llannelly Llannelly
Rees Richard Llantharogge Llantharoge
Oliver Howell Llanvihangell Yeroth Llanvihangell Yeroth
John Jones Llanon Llanon
Griffith Thomas Llanon Llanon
John Thomas Llandewy brevi. Cards Killycwmb
William Miles Llantharogg Llantharogge
Henry John Bettus Bettus
Lewis Evans, clerk Bolton. Oxford Llanegwaed
James Lewis Killycumb Killycumb
Meredith Thomas Lanon Lannon
Anthony William Landilo Vach. Glam Llannelly
Evan John Llanina. Cards Pencarregg
Willam Pendry Lanedy Lanedy
Griffith Price Lougher. Glam Lanedy
Bennett Bowen Swansey. Glam Llannelly
In the Chappeil the Same Evening    
Charles Richard Co Bor Carm Kidwelly
Thomas Davies Laugharne Laugharne
William Roger, clerk Co Bor Carm Llangeler
Owen Thomas Newchurch Newchurch
Edward James Co Bor Carm Kidwelly
William Howell Llanboydy Lanboydy
Richard Thomas Llangunnock Llangunnock
Benjamin Davies Abernant Abernant
Phillipp Francis Llanboydy Llanboydy
Phillipp Lewis Llanboydy Llanboydy
Thomas Phillipps Llanboydy Llangludwen
John Thomas Evan Llangaing Llangaing
Richard Thomas Carmarthen Meydrim
Lewis Thomas Meydrim Meydrim
Thomas Williams Carmarthen Lanarthney
John Lewis Llanboydy Llanboydy
Michael Howell Meydrim Trelech
John Evans Trelech Trelech
Rees Howell Meydrim Newchurch
William Williams Meydrim Meydrim
John Bowen Meydrim Meydrim
James John Killrhedin. Pembs Pemboyr
James Howell Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
Evan Williams Meydrim Meydrim
Marmaduke Lloyd Cayo Cayo
Lewis Eaton Llandowror Llandowror
John Eaton Llandowror Llandowror
David Lewis Llanboydy Llanboydy
David Harry Llangunnock Llangunnock
David Evan Llangunnock Llangunnock
Robert Thomas Llangunnock Llangunnock
John Thomas Llangunnock Llangunnock
Walter David Llangennech Llangennech
Sampson Evan Llanwinio Llanboydy
Lewis Williams Meydrim Meydrim
John Rees Llannelly Llannelly
John Davies Llannelly Llannelly
David John Llanboydy Llangining
Evan Merick Killrhedin Killrhedin
Rees Beynon Llangining Llangining
David John Llangunnock Llangunnock
John Thomas Meydrim Llangunnock
James Parry Merthyr Trelech
Thomas William Killycumb Killycumb
Jeremiah Price23 Abergwilly Llanvihangell Abercowin
John Thomas Carmarthen Llanvihangell Abercowin
Thomas Lloyd24 Llanvihangell Abercowin Llanvihangell Abercowin
Andrew Williams Trelech Trelech
Morris Howell Meydrim Llanvihangell Abercowin
Thomas William Trelech Trelech
David Phillipp Abernant Abernant
Francis Thomas Llangunnock Llangunnock
Thomas Thomas Llangunnock Llangunnock
John Thomas Llanstephan Llanstephan
James Francis Co Bor Carm Llansawell
Henry John Llanvihangell Abercowin Pencarregg
Charles Griffith Landilo Landilo
David Thomas Carmarthen Llanarthney
Percivall Morgan Llandingate Llandingatt
Lewis Bowen Carmarthen Llangunnor
Robert Griffith Harry Llangendeirne Liangendeirne
Lewis Morgan Llangadock Llangadock
William Edward Llangunnor Llangunnor
Griffith Howell Llanvaltegg Llanvaltegg
John Merick, esq St. Marys. Pembs Ahernant and Newchurch
Hugh Powell Devynock. Brec Llanthoysaint
William Williams, Llanboydy Llanboydy

Saturnday morning    
Evan Thomas Llangeler Llangeler
David Rees Llanworda Llanworda
Pendry Williams esq25 Llanspythed. Brec Llandingat
Rawleigh Mansell, esq Pembrey Pembrey
Thomas Palmer Laugharne Laugharne
John Thomas Trelech Trelech
Phillipp Jones Llantharogge Llantharogg
William Howell Llangunnoge Llangunnoge
William Howell, Junior Llangunnoge Meydrim & Llangunoge
John Rees William Cayo Cayo
Morgan William Lanedy Lanedy
Morgan Davies Brecon Llangadock
John Price LIangadock Llangadock
William Dawkins, esq Penarth. Glam Landilo Abercowin
David William Llannelly Llannelly
Daniel Jones Llanworda Llanworda
Thomas Rees Merthir Trelech
Richard Reynolds Llansadurne Llansadurne
Phillip Jones Llansawell Llansawell
Thomas Jones Llandewy brevy. Cards Llangeler
Thomas Phillip Llannelly Llannelly
Rees Lewelin Lluel. Brecs Mothvey
William Prutherch Llandiloe Llandiloe
Richard Davies Bishopston. Glam Llangendeirne
John Rees Llanworda Llanworda
Henry Harries Llangaing Llangaing
Jones Jones, clerk Llandingatt Llandingatt
Rees Jones, clerk Devynock. Brec Llandingatt
Lewis Powell Llanworda Lianworda
John Howell Llangadock Llangadock
Thomas Powell, clerk Carmarthen Llangunor
William Robert Llantharogge Llantharogge
John Thomas Llanworda Llanworda
Lewis Jones Killycomb Killycomb
Mathew David Llangadock Llangadock
Thomas Griffith David St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Jacob Williams Pencarreg Pencarrege
John Franklyn Llannelly Llannelly
David John Rees Llanycroyse Llanycroys
John Thomas Kellan. Cards Pencarrege
John Jones Llanelly. Brec Llanthoisant
William Walter Devynock. Brec Llanthusant
Thomas Griffith Llannelly Llannelly
David John David Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
John Fortescue Llanworda Llanworda
John David Llannelly Llannelly
Evan Morris Llannelly Llannelly
Phillip Jenkin Mothvey Mothvey
Evan William Brecon Pencarreg
Rees Powell Brecon Llanthoisant
John David Lluel. Brec Llanthoisant
Thomas Williams Brunlisk. Brec Llanvynith
David Davies Llanarthney Llanarthney
David William St Ishmael St Ishmael
Evan Morris St Ishmael St Ishmael
Thomas Bowen Llannelly Llannelly
William Morris Llannelly Llannelly
David Roger Pembrey Pembrey
John Jones Llangadock Llangadock
Eynon Thomas Rees Newchurch Cunwill
John Owen Lannon Llandiloe
Henry Lewis Llanworda Llanworda
William Morgan Cayo Cayo
William Morgan Llansadurne Llansadurne
Phillip Bowen Llannedy Llanedy
Richard John Rees St. Clears St. Clears
David James, esq26 Kill Cenin. Cards Killrhedin
Anthony Morris Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
John Jones Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
Thomas John Llanarthney Llanarthney
William Bonvill Pembrey Pembrey
Thomas Jones Llantharogge Llantharogge
David Thomas Llanarthney Llanarthney
Morgan Rees Llanon Mothvey
Hugh David Killycomb Killycomb
William Gibbon Llangadock Llangadock
David Lewis Llanworda Llanworda

Saturnday Evening    
Francis Morris Llannelly Llannelly
John Rees Llannelly Llangendeirne
Nathaniel Morgan Carmarthen Newchurch
William Williams Tenby Abergwilly
David William Cayo Cayo
Christopher Voyle27 Llandebie Llandebie
William Griffith David Pembrey Pembrey
Richard Powell Llanon Llanon
Edward Hugh Llannelly Llannelly
Griffith Powell Lanedy Lanedy
Hugh Hezekiah Pembrey Pembrey
Owen Evan Llanarthney Llanarthney
David Lewis, clerk Landewy. Pembs Killymaenlloyd
William Harry Lanedy Lanedy
Thomas Gwillim Talley Llandiloe
William John Bettus Bettus
Charles Morgan Llandingatt Llandingatt
Griffith Rees Llannon Llanon
John Evan Llanon Llanon
William Harry Llantharogg Llantharogg
Charles Bradshaw Llewenog. Cards Llanvihangell Yeroth
David Thomas Llanvihangell Ros y Corn Llanvihangell Ros y Corn
Griffith Lloyd, gent Llangevelach. Glam Llandiloe
Richard Price Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogg
John William Lanedy Lanedy
Thomas Walter Llanarthney Llanarthney
Thomas Griffith Phillip Lanon Lanon
John Jenkin Lanon Lanvinith
Thomas Jones Aberustwdd (Cards) Llanvihangell Ros y Corn
David John Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
David Hugh Pencarrege Pencarregg
John Griffith John Llangunor Llanvihangell Aberbythicth
David Hezekiah Pembrey Llannelly
Rees Lewis Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
Lewellin David Llangadock Llangadock
Thomas Evan Llandiloe Llandiloe
Lewis David Llangadock Llangadock
William Lake Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
William Griffith Pencarrege Pencarrege
Rees Price Llanthoisant Llanthoisant

Monday Morning    
Thomas David Llanvihangell Ros y Corn Llanvihangell Ros y Corn
Walter Hugh Kidwelly Kidwelly
Rowland Edmund Llannelly Llannelly
Owen David Loughor. Glam Llannelly
Hugh David Llannelly Llannelly
David Prutherch Llanon Llannon
John Jones Llanarthney Llanarthney
David Rees Llanworda Llanworda
John Williams Llandingatt Llandingatt
Thomas Mathew Llangadock Llangadock
David Lloyd Llandissilio. Cards Llangeler
John Harrys Llangadock Llansawell
Owen Jon Llangadock Llangadock
John Morgan Llangadock Llangadock
Rees John Meredith Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
Thomas David Evan Llanwrda Llanwrda
David Evan Pencarrege Pencarregg
Howell Price Llanwrda Llanwrda
Nathan Griffiths Llanwenog. Cards Llanybither
Jenkin Griffith Llanybyther Pencarregg
David Morgan Cayo Cayo
Daniel David Killycomb Killycomb
Edward Lloyd Llanedy Lanedy
Prutherch John Lewis Llandiloe Llangadock
Owen Morgan Mothvey Mothvey
William Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
Rees David Mothvey Mothvey
Lewis David Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
John Jenkin Bettus Bettus
Evan Rees Pencarrege Pencarrege
William Morris Llandiloe Llandiloe
Owen Owens Llanarthney Llanarthney
John Williams, gent Carmarthen Llangunnock
Griffith Rees Carmarthen Llangendeirne
Thomas Bowen Carmarthen Llangunor
David Rees Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
John David Llanvihangell Ros y Corn Llanvihangell Ros y Corn
John Evan Pencarrege Pencarrege
Walter Lloyd Llandiloe Llandiloe
John Edwards Llanycrois Llanycrois
David Morgan Llanycrois Llanycrois
Lewis Lewis Killycomb Killycomb
Griffith Evan Pencarrege Pencarrege
John Morgan Lanedy Lanedy
Griffith Evan Pencarrege Pencarrege
Thomas Harry Cayo Cayo
John Jones Llanlloony Llanlloony
Nicholas Rudderch Killycomb Killycomb
Morgan Harry Cayo Cayo
Richard Allen Killycomb Killycomb
William Walters Llangadok Llangadok
William Evan Cayo Cayo
Richard Thomas Carmarthen Llangunnor
Hnry Philip Llanwinio Llanwinio
John Davies Lanpiter. Cards Talley
John William Pencarregg Pencarregg
Anthony John Hary Llandilo Abercowin Llanstephen
Hnry Lewis, clerk St Clears St Clears
John Thomas Phillip Pencarregg Pencarregg
John Hary Llanvinith Llanvinith
John David Evan Lanwrda Lanwrda
David Thomas Morgan Pencarregg Pencarregg
James Evan Abernant Abernant
John Thomas Evan Llanlloony Llanlloony
Thomas Griffith Pencarregg Pencarregg
David Lewis Llanegwad Abergwilly
Phillip John Llanelly Llanelly

Monday Evening    
Richard Griffith Llansawell Llanegwad
John Evan Thomas Llanboydy Llanboydy
John David Bevan Llanllawthog Llanllawthog
Rees Edward Llanllawthog Llanllawthogg
Griffith John Cunwill Cunwill
David Griffith Abernant Abernant
Thomas Howell Llanelly Llanelly
Benjamin Lloyd Llanelly Llanelly
William Hugh Llanelly Llanelly
Thomas Price Penbrey Penbrey
Hector Rees28 Penbrey Penbrey
Thomas Thomas Llangunor Llangunnor
Thomas Dalton Llanelly Llanelly
David Philipp Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
Evan Thomas Llanvihangell Yeroth Llanvihangell Yeroth
John Thomas Llanllwny Llanllwny
Evan Rees Trelech Trelech
Eynon Thomas Bettus Bettus
William Rees Prees Killycomb Killycomb
David Rees Pencarregg Pencarregg
Thomas George Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
John Robert Llangunor Llangunor
Francis Evan Llanegwaed Llanarthney
Thomas William Killycomb Killycomb
Evan David Llangunnor Llanarthney
John Richard Abergwilly Abergwilly
Richard David Evor Cayo Cayo
Evan David Llanvihangell Ros y Corn Llanvihangell Ros y Corn
John Williams Llanvinith Llanvinith
John Williams Pencarrege Pencarregg
Rees David Llandissill. Cards Llanllwny
Thomas Beynon Llansadurne Llansadurne
Thomas Lewis Llanybyther Llanybither
Thomas Williams Conwill Conwill
David Lewis Llanpimsaint Lianpimsaint
John David Abergwilly Abergwilly
Thomas Lewis Llansadurne Llansadurne
William Harries Llanvinith Llanvinith
William Thomas Llanvinith Llanvinith
David Rutherch Killycomb Killycomb
John Lewis Llangadock Llangadock
John Francis Llandiloe Llandiloe
John Nichols Llangathen Llangathen
Owen Morris Newchurch Newchurch
John Nicholas Killycomb Killycomb
John Williams Llanvinith Llanvinith
Hopkin Morgn Lewis Llansadurne Llansadurne
John Lloyd Llanllwny Llanllwny
Henry Williams Llanvinith Llanvinith
David Morgan Llandiloe Llandiloe
Thomas David Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
Evan Bowen Abergwilly Abergwilly
David Howell Conwill Conwill
Lewis John Llanvinith Llanvinith
Henry Jones29 Llanvinith Llanvinith
John Rees William Llanwrda Llanwrda
John Williams Llanvinith Llanvinith

Tuesday morning    
Thomas Rees Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
David Lloyd Llanvihangell Yeroth Killycomb
David Thomas Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
David James Cayo Cayo
Thomas Bowen Newchurch Newchurch
William Evan Morgan Llandiloe Llandiloe
David Thomas Talley Llansawell
William Thomas Abergwilly Abergwilly
Morgan Griffith Pencarreg Pencarregg
Thomas David Llanycrois Llanycrois
Daniel Jones, clerk Lanedy Bettus
John Rees Pencarregg Pencarregg
John Davies Llangathen Llanvinith
George Howell Llanthorow Llanthowror
Rees Eynon Llanthorow Llanthowor
Harry David Llanwrda Llanwrda
Lewis Thomas Newchurch Newchurch
David Davies Abergwilly Abergwilly
David Lewis Talley Llansadurne
Thomas Lewis Llanvinith Llanvinith
George Thomas Llanon Llanarthney
Thomas David Cayo Cayo
David Evan Rees Llansawell Llansawell
Thomas William John Cayo Cayo
David Rees Killycumb Killycumb
Thomas William Cayo Talley
David Jones Talley Talley
Thomas Jones Llangathen Llanvinith
William James Llansawell Llansawell
Jenkin Owen Llanwrda Llanwrda
Jenkin Lewis Llangendeirne Llantharogg
William John Llantharogge Llantharogg
David William Llandiloe Llandiloe
Daniel Evans Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
Edward Thomas Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
John Evan Cayo Cayo
Griffith Thomas Llanvihangell Killyvargen Killvargen
Morris Morgan Llandiloe Llandiloe
William Thomas
William Phillip Talley Talley
Thomas Francis Llanvinith Llanvinith
David Rees Cayo Cayo
Rowland Prutherch Llandiloe Llandiloe
William Thomas Talley Talley
Thomas Morgan Killycumb Killycumb
Nicholas John Killycumb Killycumb
William James Cayo Cayo
John Lloyd Cayo Cayo
Roderick William Llandiloe Llandiloe
John Hugh Llandiloe Llandiloe
David John Llansawell Llanvihangell Rose y Corn
John James Cayo Cayo
William Jones Talley Talley
Richard Lloyd Llandiloe Llandilloe
Howell Thomas Cayo Cayo
David William Cayo Pencarregg
Henry Lloyd Cayo Cayo
Thoms David Cayo Cayo
Thomas Jones Cayo Cayo
David Evan Jenkin Pencarreg Pencarreg
Thomas Morgan Cayo Cayo
Nicholas Williams, esq Abergwilly Abergwilly
Roderick Morgan Talley Talley
James Nicholas30 Talley Llandiloe
John Hugh Cayo Cayo and Llanwrda
David Rees Thomas Cayo Cayo
Rees David Llansawell Llansawell
David Harry Cayo Cayo
Richard Rees Llansawell Talley and Cayo
James Jon Llansawell Llansawell
Richard Edwards, gent Cayo Cayo
Richard Griffith Llanegwaed Pencarregg
Nathan Griffiths Talley Talley
William James, clerk Llansawell Llansawell
Morgan Davies Llandiloe Llandiloe
Thomas William Pencarreg Pencarreg
William Price, clerk Cayo Cayo
David William Llanvinith Llanvinith
Anthony Morgan Llandilo Llandiloe
Thomas David Llansawell Llansawell
Thomas Lewis Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
Richard Dawkins Llannelly Llannelly
John Davies Talley Talley

Tuesday Evening    
John Jones Llannelly Abergwilly
Rawleigh Mansell, gent Carmarthen Liannelly
David Jones Pencarreg Pencarreg
David Lloyd, esq31 Llansawell Llansawell
Walter Morris St Clears St Clears
Nicholas Rees Cayo Talley and Llansadurne
David Thomas Talley Talley
John Price, gent Llanllawthogg Llanllawthogg
John William Evan Llangathen Llanarthney
David Thomas Talley Talley
Phillip Phillips Llanon Llannon
Samuel Jones Cayo Cayo
Harry Thomas Talley Llandiloe
John Thomas Llanvinith Llanegwaed
Howell Price Talley Talley
John Griffiths Llansawell Killycumb
John Evans Talley Talley
David Francis Llansawell Llansawell
Thomas Jones Talley Talley
David Jones Cayo Cayo
William David Cayo Cayo
Bartholomew James Cayo Cayo
John Price Llanwrda Llanwrda
Thomas Jones Llansawell Llanvynith
John Herbert Llangathen Llangathen
William Morgan Llandebie Llandiloe
William Williams, esq32 Talley Llanvynith
John Phillips, gent Llandiloe Llandiloe
Robert Dyer, esq33 Llangathen Llangathen
Thomas Phillips, esq Llanarthney Llanarthney
Thomas Lloyd, esq34 Llangathen Llangathen
Examined etc.    
Total 584    

For Edward Rice, Esquire

Freeholders Names Parish of abode Freehold
Thursday, 1st Court    
William Lloyd Eglwskymin Eglwskymin
Roger Jones Llanvihangell Abercowin Llanwinio
James Johnson, Jun Co Bor Carm Abergwilly
John Rogers35 Laugharne Laugharne
Thomas Palmer Llansadurnen Llansadurnen
William Thomas Llanstephan Llanstephan
Richard Morris Llanstephan Llanstephan
Thomas William Llanstephan Llanstephan
John Morris Llanstephan Llanstephan
Arthur Evan Llanstephan Llanstephan
Francis Price Llanstephan Llanstephan
Thomas Jenkin Llanstephan Llanstephan
Thomas Phillipp Llanstephan Llanstephan
William Brown Llanstephan Llanstephan
Anthony Williams Kidwelly Kidwelly
Francis Morris Llandevelog St Ishmael
Richard Sutton Laugharne Llaugharne and Llansadurnen
John Row36 Laugharne Laugharne
Richard Row Llaugharne Llaugharne
Lewis Watt Llaugharne Llaugharne
Timothy Parfitt Llaugharne Llaugharne
James John Howell Llaugharne Llaugharne
Seth Phillipp Llaugharne Llaugharne
Thomas Skeel37 Llaugharne Llaugharne
David William Llaugharne Llaugharne
James Webb Laugharne Llaugharne
William Prichard, clerk Langevelach. Glam Trelech
Lewis John Laugharne Llaugharne
David Harry Llaugharne Llaugharne
Phillipp Saunders Pendyne Pendyne
Thomas Willy Llannpiter. Pembs Llanwinio
Thomas Phillipp Kiffirk Kiffirk
John Richard Kiffirk Kiffirk
Abraham Thomas Kiffirk Kiffirk
John Lloyd Llanthowrer Llangining
Lewis Watt Llanthowrer Llaugharne
Phillipp Phillipps Haverfordwest Llanthowrer and Kiffirk
William Lewis Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
Samuel Morris, clerk Llangan Llangan
Thomas Parry Llangan Llangan
Thomas Howell Llanglidwen Llanglidwen
Griffith Twyney Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
Benjamin Twyney, clerk Llanboydy Henllanamgoed
David Lewis, clerk Trelech Trelech
William Bradber Neath. Glam Llangadock
William Bonnell Llanstephan St Ishmael
John Davies Llanboydy Llanboydy
Roger Thomas Llandissilio Egermont
James Palmer38 Llaugharne Llaugharne
William Morgan St Clears Trelech
William Thomas Meydrim Meydrim
Arthur Mathias Kiffirk Killamanlloyd
James Lewis Llanboydy Llanboydy
Evan Phillipp Llanvaltegg Llanvaltegg
Lewis William Trelech Trelech
Arthur Phillipps Llandissilio Llandissilio
Phillipp John Llanboydy Llanboydy
Rees Howell Llanboydy Llanboydy
John Lewis Llangeler Llangeler
James Thomas Llangeler Llangeler
James Thomas Llangeler Llangeler
David Lewis Llangeler Llangeler
John Evan Llangeler Llangeler
James David Rees Llangeler Llangeler
John William Killrhedine Killrhedine
Hercules William Killrhedine Killrhedine
James David Killrhedine Killrhedine
Owen Thomas St Edrens. Pembs St Clears
Evan David Killrhedine Killrhedine
Evan James Killrhedine Killrhedine
Henry James Kennarth Kennarth
William John Morris Lanstephan Lanstephan
Henry Nicholas Kennarth Kennarth
John Lloyd Conwill Conwill
Rees Prutherch, gent Pemboyr Penboyr
Rees Prudderch, Sen Pemboyr Killrhedin
David Havard Pemboyr Pemboyr
David Lewis, gent Pemboyr Pemboyr
James Lewis, gent Kenarth Kenarth
Thomas Phillipps, clerk Llaugharne Llaugharne
John Williams, gent Carmarthen Meyrim

Thursday, 2nd Court    
John Evan Kenarth Kenarth
Morris Lewis Kenarth Kenarth
Phillipp David Kenarth Kenarth
Thomas Howell Llanboydy Llanboydy
Thomas Phillipps Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
John Vaughan, esg39 Merthyr Merthyr
Walter Lloyd, esq Llangoedmawr. Cards Llanvihangell Yeroth
John Lloyd, gent Llanderrogg. Cards Llanvihangell Yeroth
William Williams Cardigan Town Kennarth
Morgan Davies, esq40 St Marys. Pembs Llanstephan
Thomas Griffith Manedivy. Pembs Kenarth
Richard Davies Llainvour Trelogin. Cards Kenarth
Nicholas Beynon Llanvaltegg Llanvaltegge
Mortimer Hicks Llanboydy Llanboydy
John Davies, gent Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogge
Arthur Hughes, gent Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogg
William Thomas Llangan Llangan
John Davies Killrhedin Conwille
William David Thomas Penbrey Penbrey
Thomas Davies Neath. GIam Llanegwaed
Daniel Jones Llangennech Llandeveylogg
George Morgan Cardigan Town Llandeveylogg
James Dalton Penbrey Penbrey
Edward Mathias Llanvaltegg Llanvaltegg
John Jones Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Rees Thomas Llanon Llanon
John Bowen Pembrey Pembrey
William Hughes, gent Pembrock Town Llangathen
William Lewis, clerk Killrhedin Killrhedine
Griffith Price41 Llangevelach Llannon
William Morgan Llanedy Llanedy
Richard Prichard, clerk Carmarthen Llanthoisant
Phillipp William Llannelly Llannelly
Hugh Evan Llannelly Llannelly
Griffith Harry Llangunor Llangunor
John Rees St Ishmael St Ishmael
John Bonnell Pembrey Pembrey
Hugh David Llandeveylogg Llanvihangell Rosey Corne
William John Pembrey Pembrey
David Charles Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Owen Bonnell42 Kidwelly St Ishmael
John Llewellin Bettus Bettus
Arthur Price43 Llandebie Llandebie
John William Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogge
John Griffith Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogg
Humphrey John Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Edward Mansell, esq Kidwelly St Ishmael
Thomas Griffith Abergwilly Abergwilly
Owen Lloyd Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Evan Rees Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
David Jenkin Llangendeirne Llandeveylogge
Robert Jordon Llangevelach. Glam Bettus
John Vaughan44 Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogge
John Jenkin Llannelly Llannelly
William Donn Pembrey Pembrey
Richard Herbert, esq Killey bebill. Glam Llandilo Vawr
Thomas Price, Jun Llangevelach. Glam Llannelly
Richard Dawkins Llandilo Talley Bont. Glam Llanvihangell Aberbithick
David Prydderch Devenock. Brec Llandilo Vawr
David Evan Killrhedin Killrhedin
John Phillipps Kenarth Talley
Eltyd Evans45 Llandebie Bettus
Thomas Popkins Llansamlett. Glam Llannedy
Thomas Phillipps Llangunnolloe. Glam Llandissilio
David John Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
David Lewis Caduxton. Glam Llanllawthogg

Friday, 1st Court    
Griffith David St Ishmael St Ishmael
William Morris St Ishmael St Ishmael
David John David St Ishmael St Ishmael
Morris Owen Llangendeirne Llandeveylogg
William Roberts Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogge
Rees Williams, clerk Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogge
John Thomas Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
David John William St Ishmael St Ishmael
Morris Richard St Ishmael St Ishmael
Thomas Owen William Llannelly Llannelly
Rees David Llannon Llannon
David Harry Kidwelly Kidwelly
Thomas Pendry Llangennech Lanedy
David Morgan, clerk St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
David Beynon Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogge
John Thomas John Hugh Llangendeirne Abergwilly
John Thomas David Llandeveylogge Llangendeirne
Edward Parry Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogge
Robert David Owen Pembrey Pembrey
Hugh Lewis Llanrhydien. Glam Llannelly
Lewis Morgan, clerk Killeybebill. Glam Killycumbe
Leyshon Hopkin Penarth, Glam Llandebie
Thomas Griffith46 Kidwelly Kidwelly
Phillipp White Lanedy Lanedy
Howell Morris St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Richard Davies St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Owen Morris Griffith St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Edward William St. Ishmael Llandeveylogg
James Johnson Carmarthen Town Llanllawthogg
John Jones St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
John David Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogg
Richard Thomas Llangendeirne Abergwilly
Rees Hugh Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
David Hugh Smith Llannelly Llannelly
Thomas Davies Nash. Pembs Llannelly
David Badger Llannelly Llannelly
Jenkin Morton47 St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Lewis Davies, clerk Llanvihangell Abercowin Meydrim
John Bevans Merthyr Merthyr
William Evans Merthyr Merthyr
Thomas Morgan Merthyr Laugharne
Griffith John Merthyr Merthyr
William Rees Trelech Trelech
David Bowen Llandeveylogge Llandeveylogge
Walter William St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Hugh Davies Kidwelly Llangendeirne
David Morris Llangunnor Llangunnor
Evan William St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Llewellin John Llangennech Llangennech
John Griffith John Llannelly Llannelly
Griffith Morton48 St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
Evan Griffith Llannelly Llannelly
John Merick Llandeveylogge Llangendeirne
Samuel Powell Llannon Llannon
Richard Thomas Llannelly Llannelly
John Vernol Pembrey Llangennech
James Jones Meydrim Meydrim
Griffith Humphrey Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
William James Henllanamgoed Henllanamgoed
Phillipp Hugh Pembrey Llannelly
Aaron Rees Kidwelly Kidwelly
James Jones, clerk Cund. Salop Kidwelly
Owen Morris Llannelly Llannelly
John Phillipps, Jun Carmarthen Llangendeirne
Morris Bevan St. Ishmael St. Ishmael
William Rowland Llannelly Llannelly
Robert Hicks49 Kidwelly St. Ishmael
John Evan Llandarogge Llandarrogg
Robert Donn Pembrey Pembrey
Edward Morgan Pembrey Llannelly
*In the Cart*50    
Henry Rogers, clerk Ustread. Cards Abergwilly
Thomas Thomas Llangathen Llangathen
John Lewis Carmarthen Llangeler
David Thomas Brecon Town Cayo
Francis Brown, gent Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
John Potts, Llanvair y brin Lanvair y brine
Evan Price Llandingatt Llandingatt
Thomas Davies Llandingatt Llandingatt
Daniel Prydderch Llanvair y brin Llanvair y brine
Morgan Rees Llandingatt Llandingatt
David Richard Llandingatt Llandingatt
Rees Prydderch Llanvair y brin Llanvair y brine
Griffith Price Llanthoysant Llanthoysant
Rowland Prydderch Llanvair y bryne Llanvair y bryne
Sir Arthur Owen, Bart51 Orielton. Pembs Llaugharne
John Warren, esq Trewern. Pembs Trelech
William Jones, esq Cremena. Pembs Egermont
John Williams Merthyr Tivill. Glam Cayo
Rowland Morgan Llandingatt Llandingatt
Morris Prichard Landingatt Llandingatt
Thomas Parry Mothvey Mothvey
Price Edwards Llanthoysant Llanthoysant
Richard David Llandingatt Llandingatt
William Bevan Llandingatt Llandingatt
William Harry Killycumb Killycumb
Rees Williams Mothvey Mothvey
Thomas Williams Llanvair y bryne Llanvair y bryne
Thomas Powell Llandingatt Llandingatt
John Morgan Newchurch Newchurch
Rees Bynon Llandingatt Llandingatt
Rees Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
Thomas Owen Llandingatt Llandingatt
William James Llandingatt Llandingatt
Thomas Pruddro Llanvair ar brine Llanvair ar bryne
Thomas Lloyd Killycumb Llandingatt
Rees Powell Llanvair ar bryn Llanvair ar bryine
Samuel Robert Llandingatt Llandingatt
Richard Price Lanvair ar bryne Llanvair ar bryne
James Thomas Llanvair ar bryne Llanvair ar bryne
Rutherch Thomas Llandingatt Llandingatt
Rees Griffith Mothvey Mothvey
Rowland Williams Llandingatt Llandingatt
Rees Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
David Bynon Llandingatt Llandingatt
Rees Lewis Mothvey Mothvey
Thomas Price Killycumb Killcumb
David John Killycumb Killcumbe
William Williams Mothvey Mothvey
Evan Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
John Powell Mothvey Mothvey
Rees Jones Mothvey Mothvey
David Thomas Llanvair y brine Llanvair y brine
Daniel David Llanvair y bryn Llanvair y bryn
David Williams Mothvey Mothvey
Jenkin Griffith Mothvey Mothvey
William Jenkin Llanvair y bryn Llanvair y bryn
Owen Rees Mothvey Mothvey
Griffith Jenkin Mothvey Mothvey
John Williams Llandingatt Llandingatt
William Williams Llandingatt Llandingatt
Lewis Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
David Prudderch Llandingatt Mothvey
Thomas Williams Llanvair y bryn Llanvair y bryne
Morgan William Llanvair y bryn Llanvair y bryne
William Walter Llandingatt Llandingatt
Lewis William Mothvey Mothvey
Morgan David Mothvey Mothvey
David Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
James Curtiss Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
William Rees Llanvair ar bryn Llanvair ar bryne
Lewis Price Killycumb Killycumb
Rees Price Killycumb Killycumb
William Lewis Llanvair ar bryn Llanvair ar bryne
William Prudderch Killycunb Killycumb
John Andrews Mothvey Mothvey
Lewis Powell Mothvey Mothvey
Roger Price Llanvairybryn Llanvair y brin
Howell Powell Mothvey Mothvey
Morgan David Llandingatt Llandingatt
Lewis David Mothvey Mothvey
Lewis Thomas Mothvey Mothvey
Rees Lewis Killycumb Killycumb
Thomas William Llandingatt Llandingatt
John Lewis Cunwill Newchurch
David Lewis Abernant Abernant
Thomas Morgan Llanvair ar bryne Llanvair ar bryne
Henry Thomas Carmarthen Town Llanegwaed
David Lewis Abergwilly Abergwilly
Mugleston Allen52 Llanwrda Killycumb
Richard Prichard Llandingatt Llandingatt
David Jones Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
Phillipp Evans, clerk Llwchor. Glam Abernant
Owen Bowen Mothvey Mothvey
David Barkley53 Killycum Killycumb
William Watkin Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
David Rydderch Killycumb Killycumb
Rees David Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
Henry Morris Llanegwaed Llanllawthogg
William Jenkin Llanarthney Llanarthney
John Jones, Jun Llanvair ar bryn Llanvair ar bryne
Thomas Gwynn, esq54 Llanvair ar bryne Llanvair ar bryne
William Gwynne, gent54 Llanvair ar bryn Llanvair ar bryne
Edward Davies, gent Llangathen Llangathen
John Richard Griffith Abergwilly Abergwilly
James Bynon Llandingatt Llangining
Thomas Pruthero, clerk Llandilo Llangathen
William Lewis Llanvynith Llanvynith
Walter Morgan Abergwilly Abergwilly
Rees Williams Llandingatt Llannwrda
David Williams Killycumb Killycumb
Edward Lloyd, gent Killycumb Killycumb
Rees Powell Llandingatt Llandingatt
Francis Dorsett Llansamlett. Glam Llantharrogge
Edward Price, esq Llanvair ar bryn Llanvair ar bryne
Marmaduke Gwynn, esq55 Llanlleelvoll. Brec Pencarregge
John Rees Abergwilly Abergwilly
John David Conwill Llangeller

In the Chappell the Same Evening    
Richard Lewis, Sen Newchurch Newchurch
Rees Harrys Carmarthen Llangaing
Rees Morgan Llanvynith Llanvynith
David Jones Llanvynith Llanvynith
Henry David Llanvynith Llanvynith
James Thomas, clerk Llanllwny Llanllwny
David Jones Llandissill. Cards Llanvihangell Ros y Corn
Willian David Lewis Llanegwad Lanegwaed
Rees Jones Llanybuther Llanybyther
William Davies Llanegwaed Llanagwaed
Henry Evan David Llanvynith Llanvynith
George Jones, clerk Llanvynith Llanvynith
Evan Williams Abergwilly Llanegwaed
Lewis Griffith Thomas Llanvihangell Abercowin Llandeveylogg
David Jones Abergwilly Abergwilly
Roger Davies Carmarthen Kidwelly
John Bloom Abergwilly Abergwilly
Francis Lloyd Lanedy Lanedey
Thomas Lewis Abergwilly Abergwilly
Evan David Trelech Trelech
John Davies Abergwilly Llanllawthogg
Anthony Morgan, clerk Llangunnor Llangendeirne
John Griffith Conwill Conwill
Thomas Vaughan56 Llangunnor Llangunnor
Francis Davies Newchurch Newchurch
James Jones Trelech Trelech
John William Trelech Trelech
Griffith Evan Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
Thomas William Trelech Trelech
David Thomas Llanllawthogg Llanllawthogg
Evan Griffith Conwill Conwill
David Griffith Conwill Conwill
Thomas Williams Conwill Conwill
Thomas Bevan Conwill Conwill
John David Rees Abergwilly Abergwilly
Samuel Thomas Trelech Trelech
Evan David Conwill Conwill
Howell David Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
William Lewis Bevan Abernant Abernant
William David Trelech Trelech
John Rees Llanegwaed Llanegwaed
Lewis Evan Abernant Trelech
John Lewis Conwill Conwill
Evan David Trelech Trelech
John Nicholas Abernant Abernant
Evan David Abernant Abernant
David Howell Trelech Trelech
Richard Le[wi]s Trelech Trelech
Richard Phillip Trelech Trelech
Evan John David Trelech Trelech
William Thomas Howell Conwill Conwill
David Griffith Lewis Abergwilly Abergwilly
Lewis Richard Abergwilly Abergwilly
Rees Lewelin Llanvihangell Yeroth Llanvihangell Yeroth
Christopher David Newchurch Llandeveylogg
Thomas David Llannelly Llandeveylogg
William Jenkins Pembrey Pembrey
Jacob Morgan Kennarth Kennarth

Saturnday morning    
John Jones Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
Rees Price Llanvair ar y brin Llandingatt
John Powell Llandebye Mothey and Llanthoisant
John Jones Llandingatt Mothvey
Samuell Hughs, Jun57 Llandingatt Killycumb
William Thomas Llanvair y brin Llanvynith
Daniel Williams Mothvey Mothvey
David Havard, clerk Carmarthen Abergwilly
Sackvill Gwynn, esq58 Llanvair y bryn Llanvairybrin
Thomas Gwynne, esq Llansadairn Llansadairn
Francis Brown, esq Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Richard Jones Kyllycumb Killycumb
John Hughes, esq Llannelly Laugharne
Richard Lewis Carmarthen Abergwilly
Rowland Lewis59 Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
Thomas Meredith Killycumb Killycumb
Robert Popkins, esq Llansamlett. (Glam) Midrim
Sir Edward Mansell, Bart60 Pembrey Llannelly
William Lloyd61 Llanstephan Llanstephan
Griffith Price Pendine Pendine
William Lewis Mothvey Mothvey
John Morgan, esq Llandevelogg Abergwilly
Owen Edwards, esq Laugharn Laugharn
Lewis David Llathoisant Llanthoisant
Timothy Thomas Llangadock Llangadock
Richard Midleton, esq62 Llanarthney Llanarthney
Evan Morgan Llandilo Bettus
John David Llandilo Llandilo
David Evan Llandilo Llandilo
Timothy David Llandilo Llandilo
Jeffery David Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
William Rowland Llansadurne Llansadurne
David William Llangadock Llangadock
John David Llansadurne Llansadurne
Morris Lloyd Landilo Landilo
William Rees Llansadurne Llansadurne
Morgan Evan Bettus Bettus
David William Llansadurne Llansadurne
George Gwynne, esq Llanvair y brin Llandingat
John Thomas Rees Bettus Bettus
Lewis Howell Llangevelach. Glam Bettus
James Morgan Talley Llanvinith
Richard David Llandebye Llandebye
Roger Morgan Carmarthen Llangadock
Richard David Bettus Bettus
Evan Hopkin Morgan Bettus Bettus
Lewis Morgan Lanon Lanon
Thomas David 'Llansadurne Llansadurne
Thomas John Bettus Bettus
William David Llanvair y brin Llanvair y brin
David Lewis Llangadock Llanthoisant
William Morris Lanedy Llandebye
Hugh John David Bettus Bettus
John Williams Llanvinith Llanvinith
John Morgan Llanarthney Llanarthney
Lewis David Llanthoisant Llanthoisant

Saturnday Evening    
Rutherch Nicholas Killycomb Killycombe
Thomas Fortescue Llanwrda Llanworda
David William Thomas Llansadurne Llansadurne
John Davies Llangadock Llangadock
Thomas Morgan Rees Llansadurne Llansadurne
Lewelin John Thomas Llangadock Llangadock
John David John Llangadock Llangaddock
Henry Jones Llangadock Llangadock
John Evan Llansadurne Llansadurne
Henry Williams Llanvinith Llanvinith
Rutherch Morgan Llandilo Llandilo
David Thomas Llandebye Llanvinith
William Summers Llangadock Llangadock
Henry Rutherch Talley Talley
Evan David Llansadurne Llansadurne
William Griffith Harry Llansadurne Llansadurne
William Thomas Llanarthney Llanarthney
Rutherch William Llansadurne Llansadurne
Henry Jenkin Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
Richard Williams Llansadurne Llansadurne
William Jones, gent Llannelly Llannelly
Thomas Rees Llandebie Llandebye
John Hugh Bettus Bettus
Griffith Harry Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
Hopkin David Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
William David Llandebie Landebie
Thomas Pendry Llandebie Llandebie
Thomas Howell Llangadock Llangadock
Thomas John Llangadock Llangadock
John Rees63 Llansadurne Llansadurne
Henry William Rees Llansadurne Llansadurne
Rutherch Evan Howell Llansadurne Llansadurne
Henry Williams Llansadurne Llansadurne
Rees Morgan Griffith Llandiloe Llandiloe
Morgan Jenkin Llangadock Llangadock
John Rutherch Llansadurne Llansadurne
Walter Rees Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
David Lewis Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
Rowland Prutherch, Sen64 Llandilo Llandilo
William David William Bettus Bettus
David Hopkin Bettus Bettus
Evor John Evor Llanworda Llanworda

Monday Morning Court    
Rutherch David Llandilo Llandilo
John William Mothvey Mothvey
Evan John Evan Llandeveyson Llandeveyson
Lewis Rutherch Evan Llandilo Landilo
Thomas Evan Phillipp Llansadurne Llansadurne
Thomas Jones Tralion. Brec Llanvair y brin
Evan Davies Llanvinith Llanvinith
Owen Bowen, esq65 Landiloe Landiloe
Jenkin John Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
John Bowen Landilo Landilo
Arthur Lloyd Llanarthney Llanarthney
William Bevan Llandilo Bettus
Thomas Griffith John Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
Anthony Bowen Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanfihangell Aberbythich
Richard Gwynne, esq66 Llandiloe Llandiloe
John Harry John Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
John Rees Llandiloe Llandiloe
Rees Price Mothvey Mothvey
William Thomas Llandebie Llandebie
John Roberts67 Kidwelly Kidwelly
Lewis Thomas Llandiloe Llangadock
James Thomas68 Llansadurne Llansadurne
Rees William Llansadurne Llansadurne
John Beal Llandiloe Llandiloe
George Walter Bettus Bettus
Henry Williams Llanarthney Llanarthney
William Thomas Llansadurne Llansadurne
John Jones Bettus Llandebye
Rowland William Bettus Bettus
Thomas Morgan Llandiloe Llandiloe
Thomas William Llansadurne Llansadurne
William David Llansadurne Llansadurne
Henry Morris Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llanvihangell Aberbythich
John Harry Gwillim Llandiloe Llangadock
Christopher Trahen Llandebye Llandebye
Thomas Morgan Llandebie Llandebye
Thomas Harry Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llan.......
Rees Griffiths Llandebie Llandebie
John Thomas Llandiloe Llandiloe
William Price69 Llanarthney Llanarthney
Walter Williams Llanarthney Llanarthney
David Williams Abergwilly Abergwilly
Thomas Davies Llandebie Llandebie
Henry Morris Llandeveylogg Llandeveylogg
Rees Powell Llandebye Llandebie
Morgan David John Llandiloe Llandiloe
Griffith Griffiths Llandiloe Llandiloe
Thomas Morris, clerk Llandiloe Llandiloe
Griffith Bynon Llansadurne Llansadurne
David Griffith Troed yr oir. Cards Llanvihangell Rosey Corn
Lewis Williams Landiloe Landiloe
Lewis Prees Llanthoisant Llanthoisant
David John Landiloe Landiloe
John Dyer [What, this John Dyer? -- ChrisJones] Landiloe Landiloe
William Price, gent Landiloe Landiloe
Rees Davies Llandiloe Lland.....
Samuel Hughs, esq Carmarthen Pencarrege
William Collins, clerk Swanzey. Glam St Ishmael
David Evans, clerk Nicholston. Glam Llangeler
Rees Thomas Swanzey. Glam Llannon
George Tenbury Swanzey. Glam Abergwilly
David Nichols Swanzey. Glam Lanedy
Harry Rees Landiloe Landiloe
Thomas Williams Landiloe Landiloe
Rowland Bowen Landiloe Landiloe
David Griffith Landiloe Landiloe
William Phillipps Landiloe Landiloe
Morgan John Landiloe Landiloe
Rees John Cayo Cayo
Thomas Hugil Llansadurne Llandiloe
Richard John Bevan Pembrey St Ishmael
David Davies Llanvihangell Aberbythich Llandiloe
Rees Evan Llandiloe Lan.....
William Rees Llandiloe Llandiloe
David Lewellin Llandebie Llandebie
John Bowen Llandiloe Llandiloe
John Colby, gent70 Killgerran. Pembs Llanwinio
John Jones, gent71 Llanvinith Llanvinith
James Jones Talley Llandiloe
Morgan William, clerk Mothvey Mothvey
Thomas Morgan William Llandiloe Llandiloe
John William Evan Llandeveyson Llandiloe
William Kelly72 Llandiloe Llanvinith
Rees Griffith Llangathen Llanthoisant
Morgan Evan Thomas Lampiter. Cards Pencarregge
Lewis Lewis, gent73 Llangadock Llangadock
William Jenkin John Pembrey Pembrey
Kidwalader William Llandebie Llandebye
Thomas Delehay Llannelly Llannelly
Edward Morgan, gent Llandeveylogge Abergwilly
Morgan Lloyd, gent Llangadock Llangadock
Hugh Lloyd, gent Carmarthen Talley
Thomas Laugharn, gent Laugharn ..........
Lewellin Williams Cardigan Llanvihangell......
Francis Corwallis, esq74 Llansadurne Llansadurne
Robert Warring, gent Llansadurne Llansadurne
Howell Price Killycomb Killycomb

Tuesday Evening    
John Morgan Llandingatt Mothvey
William Griffith, clerk Llandebie Llanvihangell Aberbythich
William Walters Laugharne Laugharne
Thomas Wyett Llandiloe Llandiloe
Samuel Hughs75 Llandingatt Llandingatt
Examined etc.    
Total 592.    

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