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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 For the background see: History of Carmarthenshire, ed. J. E. Lloyd, vol. ii, 181-4; "S.L." in a series of articles on Llanelli Schools in The Llanelly Star, Oct, 1938; Gwladys Jones, The Charity School Movement; John Innes, Old Llanelly, ch.xiv; Arthur Mee, Llanelly Parish Church; and the work of Mary Clement on the S.P.C.K.
2 SD/DA 66, Church in Wales Records, N.L.W.
3 Valuable assistance given by Dr. Leslie Wyn Evans, Cardiff.
4 Digest of Returns to Select Committee on the Education of the Poor, 1818.
5 Castell Gorfod, B65, Carmarthen Record Office.
6 SD/QA, 1828.
7 SD/SM 22.
8 Minutes, Committee of Council on Education 1854-55.
9 Returns, Endowed Charities, County Carmarthen 1901. The Cambrian, July 24, 1840.
10 SD/QA 70, N.L.W.
11 Reports of the Inquiry into the State of Education in Wales, Part I for Carmarthenshire, London 1847.
12 Y Diwygiwr, Gorffennaf, 1850.
13 For the whole period see D. Salmon The Story of a Commission. Y Cymmrodor, Vol. xxiv ; Idwal Jones, "The Voluntary System at work," Trans. Cymmr 1931-32; and Leslie Wyn Evans, "Voluntary Education in the Industrial Areas of Wales," Journal N.L.W., Winter, 1966.
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16 Minutes, Committee of Council on Education.
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24 N.L.W. Add MS. 752.
25 Based mainly on school log-books, read by kind permission of the headtcachers.
26 The Cambrian, Feb. 25, March 18, April 15, 1843

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