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Letters to the Editor


Whilst in the remote country churchyard of St. Paulinus at Ystradffin, I observed the following monumental inscription relating to William Jones of Dalarwen, who died on the 9th October, 1880 at the age of 76:

Yr oedd yn darllenydd mawr yn meddu cof rhagorol ac yn hanesydd ac hynafiethydd lleol goeu yn neheudir Cymru, yr oedd yn hollol hyddysg yn achau holl brif deuluoedd ein gwlad a'u gysulltiadau. Yr oedd hefyd yn wr o wybodaeth gyffredinol, a safai yn uchel ei barch yn y wlad.

which I translate as-

He was a prolific reader, with an excellent memory, and the best historian and antiquarian in South Wales, being fully conversant with the ancestors of all the noted families of our country and their associations. He was also a man of wide knowledge, and was greatly esteemed in the country.

This may perhaps be of interest to your readers, and it may be that there are some among them who could tell us more about this old genealogist.


114, Grand Drive, Raynes Park, London, S.W.20.


I understand that there is a photograph of Coalbrook House [Pontyberem] and information about it in The Carmarthenshire Historian, Volume III. Is it possible to obtain a copy? Coalbrook house was the home of my great-great-grandfather, Robert Rees.

If any of your readers know anything of the Rees family from 'Kilverry' (or Kilveiny), 'Kilymaenllwyd' [Pembrey] or 'Colebrook' I would like very much to hear from them.

Can anybody tell me the location of Foy? I think there is a church called St. Faith which at one time was Tyfoe. Perhaps St. Faith is called something else now.

(Mrs.) LILIAN REES SNYDER, 3323, South Utica Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105, U.S.A.
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