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Letters to the Editor



The article entitled "Last Post" in the preceeding issue of Carrnarthenshire Historian (Vol. III, 1966) reminded me of another stone wheel-post in Carmarthen town. This stone is situated at the western end of Dan y Banc, a few yards from the flower garden on Castle Hill. Both the Dan y Banc stone and the Red Street stone stand 38 inches above the ground. However, the circumference of the former stone is 37 inches, exceeding that of the latter by 3 inches. These stones appear identical ; presumably they came from the same quarry, and were shaped by the same craftsman. I can recall one further stone in this series, which stood at the corner of Church Street with Spilman Street. It was removed during road alterations in 1951, and has since disappeared.

M.B., B.CH., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

Sir, Since the repainting of the Guildhall, Carmarthen, following last year's welcome cleaning and repair of the decorative stonework, I have noticed what appears to be a human face, repeated ten times, on the brackets securing the downpipes on the front of the hall.

Were these brackets commonly used at the time they were fixed, or is there some special significance about this face? Can anyone date them? Animals' heads and other decorative features are familiar; a lion's head has always been popular and this is the motif on the brackets at the side of the hall.

18, St. David's Avenue, Carmarthen.
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