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Precis of a Particuler of the Laques estate owned by William Lloyd at the time of his death in July 1855

In Llanstephan parish
Laques mansion and demesne of 175 acres, worth £266 yearly, then held by Miss Lloyd. 8 farms—Maesgwyn, Cwmlyfre, Winfort, Lower and Upper Ffordd, Tir Bach, Tynewydd, and a moiety of Heoldown. 14 fields in and around Llanstephan and Llanybri and elsewhere in the parish. 25 houses, cottages, with gardens, etc, and a moiety of Albion House in Llanstephan. Poor-houses, being 6 rooms and a small garden, now called Bridgend Row. A small piece of sand-bank on the shore under Pilroath, and a small sand-hank on the shore under Mr Morris's house. Llanstephan Mill. 3 Allotments of common land.
Total acreage—640 acres 1 rood 39 perches, and rental therefrom, £825.10.0.

In Llangynog parish
Bankyffynnon farm, being 37 acres 2 roods, rental £15.

In Llanddarog parish
Clynhebog farm, being 72 acres 2 roods 20 perches, rental £40.

In Amroth parish, Pembrokeshire
4 farms — Cwmrath, Poorshipping and common, Duncow Hill, and Long Park. Fields called Skerryback (32 acres). A cottage and common. Total acreage, 119 acres 16 perches, and rental there - from, £75.10.0.

In Narberth parish, Pembrokeshire
Eastwood farm. A house and garden called The Old Swan in Narberth. 5 fields. 3 and more cottages and gardens. The site of the Talbot Inn, and the site of the old market ground at the Cross (2931 square feet). Total acreage, 56 acres 3 roods 12 perches, and rental therefrom, £71.2,6.

The grand total acreage of the estate amounted to 926 acres 2 roods 7 perches, with a rental of £1027.2.0.
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