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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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Who owns the Historian's copyright? Ideas:

  • Carmarthenshire Community Council
  • Carmarthenshire Community Council, Local History Committee
  • Individual essay Authors
  • Carmathenshire Antiquarian Society
  • Other?

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Can the Historian be published on the web? Getting individual permission from each of the authors would be very difficult as most of the contributors (I think) have passed away. I like to think that the authors would have approved of what I've done. I've tried to ensure that the web version is very similar to that of the original Historian booklets. Maybe some of the original authors are still alive? Maybe you knew one of the authors, or perhaps you are one of them reading this now? Whatever the case, your opinion is always welcome.

-- ChrisJones - 01 Sep 2005

Publishing essays from the Historian on the web is not without precedent, as this link shows.

-- ChrisJones - 07 Sep 2005

Wouldn't it be great if the Historian were in the public domain:

"The public domain comprises the body of knowledge and innovation (especially creative works such as writing, art, music, and inventions) in relation to which no person or other legal entity can establish or maintain proprietary interests. This body of information and creativity is considered to be part of the common cultural and intellectual heritage of humanity, which in general anyone may use or exploit."

-- ChrisJones - 02 Oct 2005

Here are some quotes taken from the Historian.

-- ChrisJones - 30 Nov 2005
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