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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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Where should the web version of the Historian live?

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The current location is shared with my personal website. This a temporary situation, until a new home can be found. Currently, this site is hosted on a cheap Dell PC, running out of my apartment connected to broadband cable! Which is fine for my personal website - but hardly the kind of environment suitable for a highly available, reliable, fast website. If lots of people start hitting this site, at it's current location, I will be shutdown by my ISP. At the moment this does not seem to be an issue - however I have seen my google rankings rise, and with that, more clicks will follow. If you would like to contribute resources, such as machines, dedicated bandwidth etc, please contact me direct. If you would like to add to the public debate, please use the Add Comment box above.

-- ChrisJones - 01 Sep 2005

I've reserved the domain name

-- ChrisJones - 07 Sep 2005

The Carmarthenshire Historian has moved domain to

-- ChrisJones - 24 Jan 2006

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