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Ghost Hunting
"It is my intention to publish before long a detailed study of the ghost stories of Dyfed," writes J. Towyn Jones, Brynsiriol, Carmarthen, who goes on, "All the notable stories of this nature in the new county will be examined in depth. However the profusion and diversity of such tales in this region would seem to indicate that there may well be many unusual experiences or family traditions, seemingly of a supernatural kind, that are hitherto unrecorded. My study of published sources, archives, countless interviews and inquiries can not have been totally exhaustive. The expediency of obtaining all possible data is obvious and the correlation of such material will I trust prove to be interesting and revelatory to the antiquary and folklorist alike".

Any readers who can give information regarding alleged super-natural manifestations or traditions connected with Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire or Cardiganshire, are invited to communicate with Mr. Jones.

Cave Legends
'Legends and Lore of Carmarthenshire Caves' is the title of an article by Ioan Richard in Vol. 65 of British Caves, which also includes a contribution on 'Some Cave Archaeology in South Wales' by the same author. British Caves is obtainable from Anne Olham, price 60p plus 20p postage.
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