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1 Pedigrees of the Gwynnes of Glanbran are given in W. Wales Hist. Rec., vol. i, pp 74-5 (reprint from Peniarth MS, No. 156, National Library of Wales); Genealogies of the Carmarthenshire Sheriffs (James Buckley) vol. i, pp 33, 56, 91, 111 and 120 and vol. ii, p 110; Old Wales (ed. W. R. Williams), Talybont, Brecs., 1905-7, vols. ii and iii ; and 'The Story of the Ancient Churches of Llandovery' (Gruffydd Evans), Transactions of the Hon. Society of Cymmrodorion 1911-1912, pp 113-116. But these are not always consistent.
2 Trans. Cams. Ant. Soc., vol. ii, p 183, and A History of Carmarthenshire (ed. Sir John E. Lloyd), Cardiff 1939, vol. ii, p 24.
3 Llwynhowel, home of David Goch's forbears, lies about three miles south-west of Glanbran and half a mile below Dolauhirion bridge. George Gwvnne's son Rowland, knighted in 1680, was a notable Whig M.P., praised by Macaulay in his History, but fell out of favour in Queen Anne's reign and died in poverty about 1725.
4 The Dictionary of Welsh Biography, p332. See also Old Wales, vol. ii, p327 ff.
5 Old Wales, vol. iii, p 100.
6 T.C.A.S., vol. xxiii, p 53.
7 Old Wales, vol. iii, p 101, Possibly the first baronet, created by Charles I, who granted him Laugharne castle. He was Treasurer of the Navy to Charles I and died in debt in Fleet Prison before 1671. See also T.C.A.S., vol xxviii, p 82. Another Sir Sackville Crow was mayor of Carmarthen in 1686.
8 Old Wales, vol. iii, p 256, she is referred to as Kitty Glansarn, hut this may be a mistake for Clynsaer. Gruffydd Evans, Trans. Hon. Soc. Cym. 1911-12, p 116, says she was Catherine Thomas of Clynsaer, Llwydlo near Glanbran and states that her marriage was celebrated in a song containing the words:
Daw draenen wen o Lwydlo
I Glanbran i flodeuo.
9 D.W.B., p 333.
10 Old Wales, vol. iii, p 290 ff.
11 T.C.A.S., vol. x, p 45.
12 D. L. Baker-Jones, 'The Morris Family of Carmarthenshire', T.C.A.S., vol. vii, p 91. See also Old Wales, vol. iii, p 300.
13 D. L. Baker-Jones, loc. cit. and Old Wales, loc. cit. According to James Buckley, Genealogies of the Sheriffs of Carmarthenshire, vol. ii, p 110, she was the daughter of Col. Sackville Gwynne, which would make her aunt to Sackville and Charles Gwynne.
14 D.W.B.
15 Dictionary of National Biography.
16 Old Wales, vol. iii, p 303.
17 Llandingat Church Register of Burials.
18 A record in the Probate Registry, Carmarthen shows that her will was proved at the Principal Registry in London on 15th May 1876.
19 Llandingat Church Register of Burials.
20 Probate Registry Records at Carmarthen show that his will was proved at the Principal Registry on 11th January 1878.
21 This according to the sale brochure, but in Old Wales, vol. iii, p 304 it is stated that Haley purchased on 4th May 1880 for 16,000 to 20,000.
22 Who's Who in Wales, Cardiff 1921.
23 A number of printed sources say that Roderick Gwynne died on 29th July, 1774, but the memorial in Tirabad Church, examined on 2nd November, 1972, states that he died on 29th June, 1777. A local man with no knowledge of this gives an assurance that the date on the commemorative stone at Glanbran was 1777. As the stone may have been erected during the earlier stages of construction, it is possible that the house was not completed until after Roderick's death.

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