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Local history is a subject which offers a fascinating variety of topics and a fund of inexhaustible knowledge not only to the professional historian, but also to every member of the community.

This magazine is an attempt to stimulate interest in Local History; to encourage you to take a greater and deeper interest in the life of your village, your community and your county; to inspire you to find out what motives, fears and desires actuated our predecessors. A bill of sale, a receipt, Church and Chapel records, an old jug, a wood carving, in fact, many things which seem to have no significant value, might help to give us a more accurate picture of the past, its religious character, its social structure and economic life.

Should you feel like starting explorations or investigations on your own, the County Archivist, County Curator, the County Librarian and the Local History Committee of the Carmarthenshire Community Council will be pleased to help you with advice, books, records, manuscripts, etc.

I should like to express my sincere thanks to the authors of the articles published in this booklet. They responded willingly to the appeal of the Local History Committee of the Community Council and, as proof of their passionate love of this subject, they have given their services free of charge.

I am also indebted to Mr. Iorwerth Howells, Director of Education; Mr. Gwyn I. Thomas, Deputy Director of Education for the County, and Mr. Elwyn Samuel, Secretary of the Carmarthenshire Community Council, for their invaluable assistance. Others to whom thanks are due are the Members of the Editorial Board; together with Mrs. G. Henry, Gorslas; Mrs. D. Bowen, Maesybont; Mrs. Treharne, Cross Hands; Mr. T. D. Jones, Penygroes; Mr. T. Bidecombe, Carmel; Mr. Stephens, Cross Hands; and Mr. G. Thomas, Cross Hands.

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