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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 NLW. Cwmgwili MSS, No. 81.
2 Carms. Record Office, Cwmgwili MSS, Nos. 823, 825.
3 NLW. MS 7283C.
4 Dwnn, Heraldic Visitations, i, 171.
5 Printed in Arch. Cam., 1854, p.51. Alban Stepney's wife was Mary, daughter of William Philipps of Picton Castle.
6 NLW. Dynevor Collection B, No. 591.
7 In possession of Mr. Christopher Evans of Lovesgrove, Cardiganshire, who kindly allowed me to consult it.
8 NLW. Recs of Church in Wales.
9 NLW. Cwmgwili Documents, No. 73.
10 Sir John Stepney as stated in History of Carmarthenshire, II, 36.
11 This inn was headquarters of the Tories.
12 Eldest son of the first Earl Verney (Irish peerage). Born about 1712, M.P. (Whig) for Wendover 1753-6, Carmarthen 1761-68, for Bucks. 1768-84 and 1790-1: died without issue on 31 March 1791.
13 Quoted in Lloyd, History of Carmarthenshire, ii, 45; the first chapter of this volume contains a review of political affairs in both county and borough from 1536 to 1900.
14 CRO. Cwmgwili MSS, Nos. 1-6. Burke's General Armory gives the arms of Brockhurst of London as sable a lion rampant regardant ducally crowned or.
15 He was one of the "Cabal", and died in 1687, aged 59.
16 Although her name does not appear in the pedigree of Ffolkes of Hillington, baronets, in Burke's Peerage, there is no doubt that she was a member of the family, as shown by letters in the Cwmgwili archives. She was either cousin or niece of Sir Martin Ffolkes, the first baronet. Her father is said to have been Henry Folkes of York Buildings, London, a brother of Sir Martin
17 CRO. Cwmgwili MSS, No. 71.
18 NLW. Cwmgwili MSS and Documents, No. 18.
19 Ibid, No. 92.
20 R. J. Llwyd's wife Alice Gratiana Williams was grand-daughter to Elizabeth Philipps eldest daughter of John Philipps and Elizabeth (Grismond) of Ty Gwyn, and so a 2nd cousin to J. G. Philipps.
21 NLW. Cwmgwili DD, Nos. 163, 256-58.
22 CRO. Cwmgwili Collection, No. 140.
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25 Ibid, No. 315.
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27 Ibid, No. 385.
28 Ibid, No. 386.
29 Ihid, No. 390.
30 Macbride was Whig member for Plymouth from 1784 until 1790 when he lost the election; promoted Rear Admiral in 1793, Vice Admiral 1794, and Admiral 1799; he married on 14 July 1774 Ursula, daughter of William Folkes second son of Sir Martin Folkes, a relation of J. G. Philipps; and died on 17 February 1800.
31 Ibid, No. 395. 'General', name of one of J. G. Philipps's horses.
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36 Ibid, No. 405. Wm. Williams, landowner, antiquary, a liberal with extreme, almost revoluntionary, political views.
37 Ibid, No. 416A.
38 Ibid, No. 418.
39 Ibid, No. 422A
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41 Ibid, No. 424. See also Nash's letters No. 390A and 422.
42 Ibid, No. 432A.
43 See "The Carmarthen Election of 1796", Trans. Carm Antiq. Soc., and Lloyd (ed.) History of Carmarthenshire, ii, 53.
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46 Ibid, No. 505.
47 Ibid, No. 513.
48 Ibid, No. 533.
49 Ibid, No. 544. The Reds were Tories, the Blues, Whigs
50 Philipps's copy reply has survived "I am sorry that it is not in my power to help ... but you may be assured if ever I have an opportunity I shall make a point in your favour".
53 Cwmgwili MSS, No. 226.
54 Ibid, No. 344.
55 Ibid, No. 375.

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