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54 NLW. Cwmgwili DD, No. 113.
55 Ibid, No. 178.
56 CRO. Cwmgwili MSS, No. 450. The attitude of R. J. Llwyd is of particular interest when we recall that he was a member of the Llandeilo'r Ynys Trust in which he had invested £100, that he was a landowner, and a barrister-at-law.
57 See Cwmgwili MSS, Nos. 472A, 427, 488, 490.
58 Ibid, No. 702.
59 His brother Thomas Edwardes Tucker, Captain in the 23rd Regiment, became ADC to General Piston, and was wounded at Badajosß.
60 CRO. Cwmgwili Collection, No. 606.
61 CRO. Ibid, No. 651.
62 Ibid, No. 652.
63 Ibid, No. 656. Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister 1809-12.
64 Ibid, No. 688.
65 On 2 May 1854 it was reported, "Griffith Philipps has been appointed to the Transport Service and has left the Ferryside" — CRO, Plas Llanstephan Documents, No. 878; and NLW Cwmgwili DD, No. 482.
66 Albuera, perhaps the bloodiest battle of the Peninsular War.

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