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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 Daniel Evans, The Life and Work of William Williams, M.P. (Gomerian Press, Llandyssul. 1939), p. 15. The author of this biography, from which the present writer has freely drawn, was a great-grandson of Williams's younger sister Beti; he became a figure in the public life of Sheffield.
2 The Red Dragon, 1883, p.387.
3 A Second Letter on the present Defective State of Education in Wales, published by Williams in 1848 during the Blue Books controversy.
4 Parliaments were then septennial.
5 Quoted by Daniel Evans, op. cit., p. 34.
6 A friend of Connop Thirlwall, Bishop of St. Davids, he became famous as the author of The History of Greece, published in 1846-7. See The Carmarthenshire Historian, Vol. XIII, p. 72. [can't find reference, maybe a different volume? -- ChrisJones]
7 D. L. Keir, The Constitutional History of Modern Britain (Black), 3rd edition, 1946, p. 444.
8 Mechanics' Institutes were set up in Carmarthenshire in 1839-40.
9 D. L. Keir, op. cit., p. 472.
10 This indicates that Williams must have had a reputation as a champion of the oppressed before he was elected to public office.
11 This was the college visited by Pope John Paul II on 1 October 1979.
12 The Chartist disturbances of 1839.
13 This was the beginning of the Department of Education
14 David Williams, A History of Modern Wales (Murray, 1965), p. 254.
15 The other volumes, Parts II and III of the reports, relate to the areas for which Symons and Johnson were responsible.
16 He became M.P. for Chester. His vast collection of books, many relating to Wales, was given to University College, Cardiff.
17 D. Salmon, 'The Story of a Welsh Education Commission', Y Cymmrodor, Vol. XXIV, p.192.
18 D. Salmon, op. cit., p. 192.
19 (Sir) T. Merchant Williams, 'The Romance of Welsh Education', Trans. Hon. Soc. Cymmr 1901-2.
20 Gwynfor Evans, Land of My Fathers (John Penry Press 1974), p. 366.
21 D. Silman, loc. cit.
22 Leslie Wynne Evans, Studies in Welsh Education (University of Wales Press, 1972), p. 120.
23 Leslie W. Evans, Education in Industrial Wales, 1700—1900 (Avalon Books 1971), pp. 26 and 126.
24 Gwynfor Evans, op. cit., p.374.
25 The Coventry Herald, quoted by Daniel Evans, op. cit., pp.108-9.
26 Quoted by Daniel Evans, op. cit., p.116.
27 It has been said that the government deputed Inglis to refuse Queen Caroline admission to Westminster Abbey for the coronation of George IV. —See Dictionary of National Biography.
28 Daniel Evans, op. cit., pp.297-9.
29 Daniel Evans, op. cit., p.141.
30 Y Traethodydd (1850), p.257. English translation quoted by Daniel Evans, op. cit., p.309.
31 A personal memory, recorded in Welsh, by the Rev. Evan Davies, Cwmdwyfran, and quoted by Daniel Evans, op. cit., p.310.
32 The Welshman, 11 September, 1846.
33 Rev. Evan Davies, loc. cit.
34 The present writer was among those in attendance at this commemorative meeting.
35 Wife of D. H. Evans, of Oxford Street, London, who was a grandson of Williams's sister, Beti.

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