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1 G. Eyre Evans gives Edward Donnard Evans ; see Trans. Carms Ant. Soc., Vol. iv (1908) p.15. But in a holograph of his own pedigree Alcwyn Evans has it thus: Evan "Donard" Evans; see National Library of Wales MS. 12356E.
2 The Dictionary of Welsh Biography gives 1847 in error.
3 The Welshman 14 March 1902.
4 Although Alcwyn Evans and his father were Unitarians, strangely there seems to have been a leaning towards the Church of England. Ibid.
5 For picture see The Carmarthenshire Historian, Vol. v, p.90.
6 A History of Carinarthenshire, edited by Sir John E. Lloyd, Vol. ii, p.187.
7 Carmarthen Journal 14 March 1902.
8 There are unrecorded reports that he kept school elsewhere in Carmarthen. For example, Mrs E. Lewis of Carmarthen informs the writer that her father, the late Peter Hughes of the Red Cow, Bridge Street, Carmarthen, went to Alcwyn Evans's school at the eastern end of Little Bridge Street, now demolished, below the Red Cow; he walked from Pontantwn and later Llandyfaelog to attend this school. According to Malcolm and Edith Lodwick, the Quaker meeting house was used as a school until 1887; see The Story of Carmarthen, p.49. But The Welshman, 14 March 1902, states that he retired from school-mastering eight to ten years before his death. There is thus a lacuna of five to seven years during which Alcwyn Evans might have kept a school in Little Bridge Street.
9 This painting, well executed and presenting what are probably very good likenesses, is in the possession of his grandson, Mr Bleddyn Waters of Llanstephan, who in response to a request has given the medal to the National Museum of Wales.
10 Trans. Carms. Ant. Soc., Vol. ii, p.153.
11 The bone was given to the County Museum, Carmarthen by Alcwyn Evans's grand-daughter, Mrs R. C. Ford of Ealing, in 1956 and was labelled by Evans thus: The Atlas Bone which once supported the skull of Sir Rhys ap Thomas, Knight Banneret, Knight of the Garter, Privy Councillor, Temp. lien. VII, VIII. From his sarcophagus in Saint Peter's Church, Carmarthen. Carmarthen journal 9 March 1956.
12 Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Part xxv, p.162. A description of the manuscripts takes almost nine pages in the Handlist.
13 Trans. Carm. Ant. Soc., Vol ii, p.143.
14 South Wales Daily News 12 March 1902 and The Welshman loc. cit.
15 Rev M. H. Jones, T.C.A.S, Vol. ii, pp.110

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