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1 Rev. Dr. Maldwyn L. Edwards writing in Wesley Church, Carmarthen 1861-1961 Centenary Handbook. See also DWB.
2 "He [John Wesley] could not see among his followers anyone sufficiently outstanding to be worthy of the full task of leadership. He therefore, by legal 'Deed of Declaration' lodged in the Court of Chancery, appointed a Conference of a hundred specified men, and made that Conference his successor, with power to fill up its ranks as death diminished them. This body was always thereafter known as the 'Legal Hundred'."—Rupert E. Davies, Methodism (Penguin Books 1963), p. 127.
3 The Dictionary of Welsh Biography and the gravestone say he was 27, but his death certificate gives 26.
4 Ebenezer 'was built in 1824. Prior to its erection the site it occupies was part of a marshy swamp called the "Wild Ocean" or the "Wilderness", the draining of which has been of great benefit to the town.' W, Spurrell, Carmarthen and Its Neighbourhood.
5 Thus the Dictionary of Welsh Biography in the entry concerning her husband, Isaac Jenkins, but in notifying the death of her brother Hugh she signed herself Eliza Jenkins, Green Gardens, Carmarthen.
6 Carmarthen Journal, 12th November 1897.
7 Dorothea Price Hughes, The Life of Hugh Price Hughes (Hodder & Stoughton 1905), p.4. The family history in this biography by his daughter has been freely used in this article.
8 These have been the subject of an article by David Owen, J.P., M.B.E., in the Carmarthen Journal, 27th August 1965.
9 Dorothea Hughes, op. cit., p.6.
10 Mrs. Sarah M. Hebb, Waterloo Terrace, Carmarthen, the oldest member, recounting at the age of eighty-eight some recollections in Wesley Church, Carmarthen 1861-1961. Mrs. Hebb added : "He always attended us when we were ill. I remember him very well when as a small girl I was ill for a long time with fever."
11 Carmarthen Journal, 12th November 1897, quoting from the Methodist Times.
12 The family moved to Spilman Street sometime between 1851 and 1855.
13 'A very handsome woman', said Mrs. Sarah Hebb, loc. cit.
14 Francis Green. 'Early Banks In West Wales', W. Wales Hist. Rec. Vol. VI, pp. 155 if. See also DWB.
15 Col. J. Arthur Hughes, C.B., C.B.E., V.D., D.L., as he became, was a solicitor and clerk to Barry urban district council. See Who's Who In Wales (Western Mail 1921).
16 Dorothea Hughes, op. cit. The house has long disappeared, the site now being occupied by an extended Post Office, but the number is still shown on the door of the eastern entrance to the premises.
17 Thus Dorothea Hughes, but there arc other reports that John Hughes was a stalwart member of Wesley Chapel in Chapel Street. Probably the family attended both. See Wesley Church, Carmarthen 1861-1961.
18 'A reply known now to every good Methodist,' according to the Rev. Maldwyn Edwards, loc. cit.
19 T. E. Brigstocke, who lived at 10 Spilman Street, Carmarthen was born in the same year as his friend and lived until 1934. See Who's Who In Wales.
20 So we are informed by Dorothea Hughes. It is therefore likely that Mrs. Hugh Hughes had by this time (c. 1863-65) moved to Waterloo Terrace, for with one exception the houses in Tabernacle Row, demolished in 1970-71, were too small to afford this facility. error -- ChrisJones
21 Brigstocke's wine merchant's business established in 1840, survived in King Street until 1970, when the shutters were put up for the last time.
22 Rupert G. Davies, Methodism, p.148.
23 Gordon Rupp, 'Ideas and Beliefs of the Victorians — The Nonconformist Achievement', The Listener, 4th March 1948.
24 Ibid.
25 Dictionary of National Biography.
26 Rupert E. Davies, op. cit.
27 Dorothea Hughes, op. cit., pp. 221-2.
28 L. Twiston Davies and Averyl Edwards, Women of Wales (Eric Partridge Ltd., London, 1935).
29 DWB.
30 A reference to Miss E. P. Hughes in 'Wales and the World', Western Mail 20th September 1971 recollects that Prince Kropotkin was a visitor to her home in Barry some years before 1918.
31 Who's Who In Wales.
32 Ibid.

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