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The Carmarthenshire Historian


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1 The McKinley Tariff Act, 1890 erected an extremely high protective barrier against imparts into the U.S.A. which had serious effect on the steel and tinplate industries of south-east Carmarthenshire.
2 The Rev. John Jenkins, M.A., D.Litt. (Oxon.), (1872-1936), educated at Bangor Univeristy College and Jesus College, Oxford, Distinguished as a poet, theologian and man of letters, he held academic appointments at Cardiff and Bangor, edited Seren Cymru (1914-27), was Crown Bard in 1901 and Archdruid from 1931.
3 For a brief account of Hugh Price Hughes see 'A Saint and his Progeny' in The Carmarthenshire Historian, Vol. VIII, pp. 54-64.
4 The 'Spanish 'Flu' spread rapidly and reached South Wales, where, as in the rest of Britain, it had a smilar devastating effect.

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