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The Carmarthenshire Historian

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A.G. Prys-Jones Titles: Poor Cambriol's Lord Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen
Alan B. Randall Titles: The Education of Young Ladies of Distinction Carmarthen and Merlin the Magician Betsey Thompson Comes to Carmarthen Rural Rides of Long Ago ...
Anthony H. T. Lewis Titles: The Early Effects of Carmarthenshire's Turnpike Trusts, 1760-1800
Benjamin Howell Titles: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in the Seventeenth Century
Project Summary The aim of this project is to make The Carmarthenshire Historian : Searchable. Widely available (free of charge). Extendable a living, breathing ...
D. Arwyn Thomas Titles: St Clears in the Middle Ages 1100 1500
D. C. Jenkins Titles: A Poet Unearthed Before It's Forgotten
D. Gerald Jones Titles: Carnawllon, Commote of Uncertain Name An Historical View of Iscoed
D. J. Price Titles: Exercise in Face Saving
D. L. Baker Jones Titles: Looking at Carmarthenshire Churches The Carmarthen Eisteddfod of 1867 An Erudite 'Squarson' A Victorian Childhood in Carmarthenshire The ...
D. Parry-Jones Titles: A Day in Newcastle Emlyn
David James Davies Titles: Guardians of the Needy Found Wanting
David Long Price Titles: Talley House
David W. Howell Titles: A Sample of Coercive Landlordism
Dr. Peter M.S. Jones Titles: More About a "Becca" Character
E. O. James Titles: Some References to the Cattle Drovers and Carmarthen
E. Vernon Jones Titles: Volume 3 Editorial Tumbling to a Conclusion Before It's Forgotten Last Post REVIEW: Llangunnor Volume 4 Editorial Volume 6 Editorial Alcwyn ...
Eirwen Jones Titles: Town and Castle Go Gay Llandeilo Church's Lost Treasure Another Star in Glory An Artist in Peace and War
Eynon Lloyd Hughes Titles: Some Facets of Carmarthenshire History
Fred J. Morgan Titles: Volume 1 Editorial Volume 2 Editorial
G. F. Gabb Titles: Driving an Iron Road Through the Hills Building The Llanelly Railway
G.J. Thomas Titles: Madam Bevan
Gomer M. Roberts Titles: Richard Tibbot, Itinerant Preacher
Gwilym B. Owen Titles: The Edwardian Days of a Dafen Diarist LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Gwilym Evans Title: Merched Plwyf Llanddarog On the Farm a Century Ago Pentwyn Academy
H. J. Lloyd-Johnes Titles: A House That Borrow Admired Aberglasney's Catalogue of Weal
Huw Owen Titles: History of the Mynydd Mawr
Huw Walters Titles: Sin-eating in the Amman Valley
J. Edmund Healy Titles: The Story of Coalbrook Colliery
J. F. Jones Titles: A Patriot From Without
J. Williams Titles: The Borough of Llanelly
Jack D. Willson Titles: Talley House
John A. Lloyd Titles: The Early History of Court Henry, Dryslwyn
Major Francis Jones Titles: The Grey Friars of Carmarthen Corporal Davies Goes to War Miss Nightingale Grieves to Say... Mystery In The Valley of Legend The Trail ...
Michael C. S. Evans Titles: The Pioneers of the Carmarthenshire Iron Industry
Moelwyn Williams Titles: Life in Seventeenth Century Carmarthenshire
Noel Gibbard Titles: Llanelli Schools 1800-1870
P. K. Crimmin Titles: Samuel Pepys Cockerell: His Work in West Wales, 17931810
R. O. Roberts Titles: Before It's Forgotten
Roland Thorne Titles: A Prime Minister's Carmarthenshire Postbag
Rt. Hon. James Griffiths Titles: Glo Carreg
Susan Beckley Titles: Bibles by Sea A Devil Who Cared for His Own.
T. H. Parry-Williams Titles: More about Mots
T.J. Evans Titles: Loitering in Guildhall Square, Carmarthen
T. L. Evans Titles: Modes and Manners in Another Age David Archard Williams and His Times 1796-1879 How Ganymede Came to Carmarthen In Days of Christmas Green Holiday ...
Thomas Lloyd Titles: The Heritage of Lletty Mawr Admiral Sir Thomas Foley Tearful Memories of a Royal Visit
Trevor Jones Titles: Perlau Taf
W. H. Morris Titles: THE PAUL OF HAMBURG
W. J. Harries Titles: 'Shakespeare y Cymry' a Chaerfyrddin
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William Samuel Thomas Titles: A Caballero from Hendy

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