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The Carmarthenshire Historian

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Of Ells and Kilderkins By T. L. EVANS, B.A. After more than a century and a half a Carmarthen schoolboy's work-book has come to light. The book belonged to Henry ...
The Old Vicarage, Llandeilo, formerly the George Hotel.
On the Farm a Century Ago by GWILYM EVANS, O.B.E., M.SC. HEOLDDU farm lies at the side of the road leading from Porthyrhyd to Cefneithin, and near the hamlet of Foelgastell ...
References 1 Tailing and weed seed. 2 For an article on Alcwyn Evans see The Carmarthenshire Historian Vol. VI, pp. 37 ff.—Ed.
Main.ChrisJones 21 Sep 2014 Meet:
Original Documents: Llysnewydd THE "Tivyside" has always been noted for the number of country-houses to be found on either side of the river stretching from Llandysul ...

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