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D. Arwyn Thomas Titles: St Clears in the Middle Ages 1100 1500
D. C. Jenkins Titles: A Poet Unearthed Before It's Forgotten
D. Gerald Jones Titles: Carnawllon, Commote of Uncertain Name An Historical View of Iscoed
D. J. Price Titles: Exercise in Face Saving
D. L. Baker Jones Titles: Looking at Carmarthenshire Churches The Carmarthen Eisteddfod of 1867 An Erudite 'Squarson' A Victorian Childhood in Carmarthenshire The ...
D. Parry-Jones Titles: A Day in Newcastle Emlyn
Daniel Price (1749-1815)
View from the East. April 1966. View from the West. October 1968.
David Archard Williams and His Times 1796-1879 By T. L. EVANS, B.A., Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen. DAVID Archard Williams was the son of a former curate ...
David James Davies Titles: Guardians of the Needy Found Wanting
National Library of Wales REV. DAVID JAMES
David Long Price Titles: Talley House
David W. Howell Titles: A Sample of Coercive Landlordism
Departed Glories of the Grey Friars By Major Francis Jones, C.V.O., T.D., F.S.A. In this paper I shall discuss a manuscript compiled over four hundred and fifty years ...
References The Journeys of Sir Richard Colt Hoare through Wales and England 1793-1810, edited by M.W. Thompson (Alan Sutton, 1983), p.214.
Diaries of a Doctor's Wife By Major FRANCIS JONES, C.V.O., T.D., F.S.A., Wales Herald of Arms Extraodinary Few sources bring more satisfaction to the historian, particularly ...
Dr. Peter M.S. Jones Titles: More About a "Becca" Character
Driving an Iron Road Through the Hills By G. F. GABB, M.A. By 1858, the Llanelly Railway and Dock Company, with its lease of the Vale of Towy line, had penetrated ...

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